2021 Sales Engineering Report Suggests New Presales Leaders’ Comp is Outpacing More Experienced Hands

LEHI, Utah, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 2021 Sales Engineering Compensation & Workload Report from Consensus was published on May 26th, and the landmark study continues to reveal surprising trends in the Presales profession.

The industry-leading report, which first burst onto the scene in March of 2020, provides unprecedented and still unmatched insights into the challenges and rewards facing Presales today. The 2021 report is drawing attention with strong data suggesting that Presales leaders with less than a year in their role are drawing higher OTE (On-target Earnings) than leaders with more experience.

Presales leaders in Europe and the U.S. who prefer not to be named confirmed that Presales personnel are in extraordinarily high demand right now. Leaders can command unusually high compensation packages out of the gate. Even individual contributors just entering the profession are reporting total earnings that, in some cases, outpace sales engineers with several years’ experience.

Some leaders cite the rapidly evolving demands of the Presales role as a possible contributor to the high pay grade given to new blood. Others suggest that new hire earnings packages are inflated, and have even expressed a reluctance to hire externally in the current climate, preferring to promote or draw laterally from within to grow Presales teams.

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