314e Corporation Joins the Arch Collaborative to Improve the EHR Experience for Clinicians

PLEASANTON, Calif., July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 314e Corporation, the company behind the leading Healthcare Digital Adoption Platform Jeeves, announced that it has recently joined the Arch Collaborative, an initiative by KLAS® Research. The Arch Collaborative aims to improve the EHR experience by sharing performance data and collaboration among providers, vendors, and industry leaders.

Jeeves is increasingly being used by Hospitals and Health Systems to supercharge their application support strategy in general and their EHR support strategy in particular. Jeeves is a Healthcare Digital Adoption Platform designed to improve the adoption of enterprise applications and increase end-user performance by providing just-in-time self-help within the application. It is beneficial with EHRs by becoming the go-to tool for physicians, solving their "how-to" problems on-demand. This helps reduce frustration and extraneous time spent in the documentation and improves their overall EHR experience to a great extent.

This membership enables 314e to access benchmark data collected through thorough unbiased research from provider organizations and end-users, further enhancing its ability to develop more effective EHR support solutions, helping clinicians master EHR, and improving overall clinician satisfaction.

Alok Sharma, 314e’s COO, says, "Having the ability to work with provider organizations with real data on their EHR experience allows 314e to bring very targeted solutions for specific problems. We are very confident that this partnership will allow us to work with hospitals and health systems to improve their overall EHR experience by eliminating their support-related issues."

For more information on 314e and Jeeves, visit www.314e.com. You can also check out the Jeeves’ Epic App Orchard listing here.

About 314e Corporation

314e is a KLAS-ranked company helping Healthcare Providers with Information Technology products and services since its inception in 2004. Our product portfolio includes a Healthcare Data Analytics Platform, a Legacy Data Management & Archival product, and a Digital Adoption Platform. We also offer Systems Implementation and Integration, Interoperability, Analytics, Cloud Adoption, and Digital Transformation related services. Learn more about our offerings at www.314e.com.

About KLAS Research and KLAS Arch Collaborative

KLAS has been providing accurate, honest, and impartial insights for the Healthcare IT (HIT) industry since 1996. The KLAS mission is to improve the world’s healthcare by amplifying the voice of providers and payers. The scope of our research is constantly expanding to best fit market needs as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated.

The Arch Collaborative is a provider-led effort to unlock the potential of EHRs in revolutionizing patient care. Through standardized surveys and benchmarking, healthcare organizations collaborate to uncover best practices and move the needle in Healthcare IT. Currently, the Arch Collaborative is using measurement data to improve the EHR experience through training, governance, and culture. Learn more at www.klasresearch.com

To see how 314e is rated by Health IT professionals for its offerings like HIT staffing and technical services, check out: https://klasresearch.com/vendor-ratings/314e/64872?tab=arch

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Mimi Curiel

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