5 Reasons You Need ItemEyes App to Securely Document Your Valuables

CLEARWATER, Fla., Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ItemEyes, Inc. shares the top 5 reasons consumers should use the ItemEyes app to securely document their valuables.

1. Document Valuables for Insurance & Estate Purposes

Everyone has possessions they consider irreplaceable such as family heirlooms, jewelry, memorabilia, artwork, and other collectibles. They may not be used every day but have more than monetary value—sentimental value.

Tip: Document your possessions now rather than trying to look backwards and do it after something awful has happened.

2. Easy to Inventory Your Valuables

The ItemEyes App is a revolutionary, easy-to-use photo-based App that documents and securely stores all your irreplaceable possessions in an orderly manner. The App allows you to take a photo of an entire wall or a room with several items, such as artwork, collectibles, or memorabilia. Just tag each item in the photo with a description and other pertinent info like the location of item, price paid, place acquired, today’s value, a link to similar items found on the internet, disposition at death, and supporting photos such as artist’s signature, serial and item numbers, and appraisals. Customize the information by groups in their natural habitat, so you don’t have to manage individual pictures of each item.

Tip: Don’t forget to document everything! The items you acquired from your mom, Great Aunt or Granny could possibly be more valuable than you think. Imagine having the rare necklace your uncle purchased while stationed in Egypt or your treasured signed Muhammad Ali photo ending up in a yard sale because nobody knew about its history and true worth.

3. Document One-of-a-Kind Items

Get a professional appraisal for jewelry, artwork, antiques, memorabilia, and other one-of-a-kind or hard to replace valuables. Take a photo of the appraisal and upload it to that specific item in the App. Be sure to thoroughly document the memories or backstory of gifts, heirlooms, and other sentimental items that you’ll want to pass down to your family, so they’ll know what’s worth keeping and why it was so special to you.

Tip: Determine the value. Your items and categories are customizable so you can organize them any way you like. Search the internet by using Google Images to find similar items to help you determine their value and details.

4. Location of Valuables and Disposition at Death

With the ItemEyes App you can easily document where your valuables are in your home (Living Room, Primary Bedroom, Wine Cellar, Garage, etc.) or by collection (Jewelry, Clocks, Artwork, etc.). Be sure to include serial numbers, item numbers, and a photo of the artist’s signature if applicable. Once you’ve itemized everything on the App, share an email link or texted link of any or all your valuables with insurance agent, estate attorney, or family members. They will not be able to change anything on the secured ItemEyes App but will have a descriptive record of your treasured items for safe keeping.

Tip: If you have multiple homes or have lent out your valuables to exhibitions or galleries, photograph, tag and manage them on App for safe recordkeeping.

5. Securely Store Valuables Inventory

Your valuables inventory list doesn’t do any good if it is in your house and is stolen, damaged, or otherwise destroyed.

If you have an active ItemEyes account, the App will continue to securely store all of your tagged valuables. You can print out an image of a location or group of items with multiple tags, then print out the individual tags with descriptive information for a safe deposit box, relative or close friend, insurance agent, or estate attorney. Another option is to upload to an online file storage service like DropBox, Google DriveMozy, or Carbonite.

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