A Look Through the Mobile Experts Spyglass: The 5G Future

New report predicts the shifting base station market, from coverage to network extension

CAMPBELL, Calif., Feb. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile Experts, a highly revered wireless market analyst firm based in Silicon Valley, just published “Macro and Massive-MIMO Base Stations and Transceivers 2023.” This month, the firm’s highly-anticipated forecast illuminates the nature of power levels, massive MIMO configurations, and regional characteristics for the base station market.

Dan McNamara, Principal Analyst, writes about the market’s 5G peak; while operators and mobile users alike marvel at the view, the inevitable descent is on its way. 5G deployment will move to smaller, more concentrated markets and existing 5G networks will continue to densify and expand while the market goes through the natural decline of the ‘second half of 5G’.  This year, the analysts at Mobile Experts are starting to track the next wave, which is likely to come between 6 and 12 GHz.

“This year, we know that we will see substantial Macro base station deployments, and a strong shift from North America to India,” contends McNamara. “The number of radio units will drop 25% by 2028, so companies need to realign themselves with the right opportunities.    There are key bright spots out there and we can help to identify the winning plays.”

Mobile Experts’ knack for minting astonishingly accurate forecasts far exceeds their rivals, thanks to their deep connections with component suppliers and researchers in the R&D lab. Their rigorous technical and ROI analysis gives Mobile Experts  a lucid peek into the future.

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