A Recession Life-Raft: Introduction to Safe Investing and Max Returns

Safe Invantage Launches Max ROI

ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SAFE Invantage’s, long awaited first alternative token release took place on October 19th. Max ROI (Return on Investment) being advertised as “Revolutionary” has finally arrived. But, unlike many that launch amidst tidal waves of hype-generating social media and crypto-related marketing, the Max ROI release was quiet and off the radar. They proclaim that their BSC Smart Contract built by their new development team safeguards against loss is all that they need. That once people start buying, a change in demeanor, a change in crypto skepticism and a change in financial outlook will create a sizeable investor pool just from word of mouth. Organic marketing at its finest.

“The stigma around cryptocurrency and degenerating attitude within the digital asset space, has weakened the market even further. Each project taking massive losses outside of their initial marketing campaign resulting in just a few short hours of glory launch day,” the CEO begins explaining. “What is worse is even beyond the project, the even harder hit are the investors. Turning many people to use atrocious tactics to recoup their losses or just to express their frustration and anger. We’ve gone through quite a few bouts with our community members losing their patience. Relying solely on our project to make their lives better. As there have been delays, their lashing out to the members of my team calling them unspeakable things. Has even escalated to threatening their families. I had one actually go to my LinkedIn profile and start spreading lies to my professional network, contacting my family and threatening their livelihoods,” Mr. Mastronardi conveyed with a heavy heart. “It’s sad what financial strain does to people. But we move forward and introduce a project that will, hopefully, turn things around for so many in so many ways. Help bring back that bullish sentiment devoured by the never-ending bearish market.”

The release of Max ROI is nearly 8 months to the day of the first schedule launched. Multiple revisions, contract audits and updates later, the project is now live and available to the world.

  • A 97:3 Buy to Sell ration due to an automated trading volume cap
  • A reinvest approach where the contract only buys and doesn’t sell
  • An investment that all but guarantees seeing a return no matter when you invest
  • A 70 Invest Case Utility package to ensure volume even without actual trading

What’s Next with Max ROI (mxR)?

With plans of integrating Max ROI into the real world as soon as October 24th, this project seems to be separating from the pack. Creating a class of its own. With the investor protection policies being voted on in November, their position in the market now, will only continue to grow as a real alternative to credit, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP), and, maybe, even native currencies.

For more information, visit https://safeinvantage.com/safemaxroi 

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