ABSENTIA DX v3 released Pro Tools AAX with iLok Three Times Faster. Built for Speed.

LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Todd-AO has released Absentia DX v3, an AAX plugin for Avid® Pro Tools that quickly and transparently removes obvious defects from voice recordings. The new plugin is Pace iLok compatible, three times faster, and has a GUI built for speed.

Absentia DX has been nominated three times for best post-production software by the Cinema Audio Society, and is considered a must have for Dialog Editors and Re-Recording Mixers working in post-production sound.

“Absentia is a must for any time I am cutting dialogue. The Hum Remover in particular is the best sounding solution on the market and a steal for its price. Version 3 has been almost 4x faster rendering on my system! The addition of up to 8 assignable hotkeys makes it easy to trigger your favorite setups. Absentia DX is a must for anyone working with dialogue.”
–    Korey Pereira, M.P.S.E.

“I am very impressed with the new features as well as improvement on hum removing, and broadband noise suppressing. It is more simple, powerful and faster than other software.”
–    Byung-in Kim, Dialog Supervisor, Parasite

“Absentia DX is an important tool in my arsenal. It finds and eliminates different kinds of hums and buzzes, too severe for other plugins to tackle and it does it flawlessly. There are a variety of settings available and the plugin can tackle crickets and even doppler airplane pass bys with great results.”
–    Larry Benjamin, Re-Recording Mixer, The Nevers

With heightened security measures throughout the post-production industry, iLok licensing was a necessity for Absentia DX customers. Existing v2 server license customers automatically upgrade to a v3 server license, and there is an option to upgrade to v3 iLok for $80 USD. Please visit AbsentiaDX.com or email
for more information.

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Rob Nokes