Acnodal Contributes PureLB to Kubernetes Community

BOSTON, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Acnodal has released PureLB, an open-source Kubernetes Service Load Balancer orchestrator. PureLB accelerates the deployment of hybrid cloud production applications by simplifying and streamlining how applications are accessed outside the cluster.

“During 2018 and 2019, we built a large scale private cloud system for a European auto manufacturer, we were surprised that there were no robust, simple and scalable Service Load Balancer solutions available,” said Adam Dunstan, co-founder Acnodal. “The public cloud providers’ solutions are tied to their Cloud, so we started Acnodal to provide a solution for Hybrid Clouds.”

PureLB is a Service Load Balancer for Kubernetes. A LoadBalancer is a Service type that allows configuration of external network components to enable external network access to the specified application resource. Service Load Balancers are a key component in the K8s developer workflow. They allow the configuration of the resources used to enable access to applications to be pre-configured so they can be accessed on demand by developers via the service definition. This simple operation can be undertaken on demand or as part of continuous integration without custom configuration or tooling.

PureLB is open source, made available with the Apache License 2.0 and can be downloaded As an open source project, the maintainers welcome contributions from the Kubernetes community.

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Acnodal is a developer of Cloud Native Network infrastructure. We unlock the potential of Cloud Native technology in Hybrid and Private Cloud deployments. Acnodal was founded in 2020 by experts in large scale infrastructure development and deployment.

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