Releases Flight Data for Oshkosh 2021

OSHKOSH, Wis., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — During EAA AirVenture will provide a live traffic map, live data API for software developers, and archived data from the Oshkosh area at no charge for the aviation community.

ADSBexchange is making this data available as a demonstration of what can be done with its data aggregation platform in a high-density traffic area.  Similar data is available worldwide, from ADSBexchange’s network of volunteer receivers.

A live map of all aircraft movements will be available at The interface is both mobile and desktop friendly and will be available ad-free for the duration of the event.  The page is anticipated to be useful for fly-in attendees wanting to get an update on current traffic conditions, as well as spotting aircraft on arrival and following along with the airshow.

Note that for this event some of the advanced options and buttons from the interface have been removed to reduce the learning curve for new users. As always, the full interface is available at

For software developers, this data will also be made available programmatically via an API, and JSON data files will be available for download each night. More information can be found at

" was created to satisfy the curiosity of aviation enthusiasts around the world," says founder, Dan Streufert. "Instead of tracking airline arrival times, which are available from a number of sources, our goal is really to give a picture of ‘what’s in the sky’ with a deeper level of technical detail than available elsewhere, and available to anyone with a passion for aviation."

About ADSBexchange                                                                                                       
Founded in 2016, ADSBexchange aggregates approximately 250,000 transponder packets per second worldwide via receivers hosted by aviation enthusiasts around the world. Unlike other aggregators, ADSBexchange displays all data received live to the public, with no redacted fields, aircraft, or hidden information.

Information on how to participate in the network is shown here:

For commercial customers, app developers, and others, this data is accessible via an API or JSON flat files.  More information available at:


Dan Streufert
Founder, LLC