AGA : The World’s Most Powerful Compact Car Jump Starter, Has Launched a Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter and Gathered 45000$ in 2 Weeks

GATINEAU, QC, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AGA : The World’s Most Powerful Compact Car Jump Starter with its wireless charge and 2 USB Port, has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and gathered 45000$ in 2 weeks.

Invented by AGA Team, the AGA A40 Jump Starters are created by drivers for drivers. The A40 is designed to solve dead battery related problems with the launch of this Jump Starter that are made to be stylish, lightweight and comfortable, and with features such as a powerbank, torch and wireless charger.

AGA News Tech products are designed for every car owner to use easily and safely. The A40 is the most advanced product in the market, boasting intelligent matching technology to make the product ready to automatically jump-start. In just four quick steps, you can jump-start your car and hit the road.

The AGA A40 is an all-in-one jump starter with a 10W Wireless Charger: You simply have to place your phone or other Qi-enabled devices on the center of the jump starter and A40 jump starter will do the rest. Also with two USB ports integrated it’s a powerful power bank which is suitable for travel and business trips.  

The AGA A40 is More than a jump starter: 

  • Works as a charger, with Type-C PD 18W and USB QC 3.0
  • Use as a light, with 200 lumens
  • Substitute as a power source for an outdoor fridge or mini power station

The A40 is available on our Kickstarter page until February 19th. All the features offered by AGA NEWS TECH are worth $315 or more and during their Kickstarter campaign the Jump Starter can be pre-ordered starting at $99 for the super early birds and after at 119$.

For more information visit AGA NEWS TECH on Kickstarter.

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