AI Data Powerhouse, LogicPlum, Recognized by Inory Business Magazine as One of the ‘Top 10 Leading Artificial Intelligence Companies to Watch in 2021’

FRANKLIN, Tenn., April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LogicPlum ( officially announced that it had been selected by Inory Business Magazine as a Top 10 Leading AI Company based on the work of LogicPlum’s visionary team and its groundbreaking Enterprise AI Platform. Led by founder Damian Mingle, LogicPlum helps businesses and organizations bridge the divide between advances in machine learning and practical AI applications for the business world. Since its founding, LogicPlum has been a pioneer in translating business problems into AI solutions for its global clientele, utilizing hundreds of thousands of proprietary models that deliver millions of useful market predictions.

“With data collection and interpretation driving the future direction of most industries, enterprises are struggling to keep up with the increasing need for AI solutions that truly reflect this unique time in business history,” said Damian Mingle. “And at the same time, companies are also trying to integrate AI automation as part of their business models, understandably hoping to obtain a quick ROI from their tech investments. We are honored to be recognized by Inory for helping our clients do just that. Our philosophy has always been to build products that we know customers need and build them better than anyone else, while continuing to nurture a team that is committed to reaching beyond the status quo. That is why we have become the company of choice for any enterprise that wants to leverage AI for a proven competitive advantage in an expanding digital economy.”

LogicPlum: AI Solutions for a Data-Driven Market

As a business-first AI company, LogicPlum specializes in contextualizing its clients’ AI needs, focusing on assisting specific individuals – data scientists, IT operators, software engineers, company executives, etc. – before leveraging AI that serves to achieve a beneficial synergistic impact for the entire company. LogicPlum works with companies exactly where they are, with the goal of moving each toward embracing and integrating AI solutions as part of their day-to-day operations.

“We know how hard it is to be noticed among the best and brightest emerging companies in the AI sector,” said Anoop Muraleedharan, LogicPlum CTO. “Each day, part of our meetings involve talking about the dreams of our customers and how we can push the very edge of AI usability in service to them. And that continues to motivate us to be better and to overdeliver on every single task we perform.” 

Always seeking to expand on its success, future additions currently in development for the LogicPlum Platform include:

  • LogicPlum Neutral: Lets clients test bias and fairness for protected data features, applying mitigation steps for AI models.
  • LogicPlum Edge: Allows clients to see rare items, events, or observations in their data.
  • LogicPlum Shared: Find natural groups in data for important business insights.
  • LogicPlum Root: Understand the causes of significant events and how to take the best actions to improve future outcomes.

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About LogicPlum

Founded in 2017, LogicPlum embodies the principle that to compete in an evolving digital world, companies must use data to shape and drive innovations in their business models. Leveraging the evolving power of its custom-built platform, LogicPlum empowers companies to pivot faster and drive near-term impact from their tech investments. LogicPlum offers massive business benefits by creating significant speedups in data prep, model creation, validation – including time-series and computer vision – and deploys those models in a customized solutions to best suit each client’s individual goals. Learn more at:  

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