AI Solutions for Real-World Farming Problems – LogicPlum Publishes Important Food-Production Article in Agricultural Research & Technology Journal

FRANKLIN, Tenn., May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LogicPlum ( announced it had published groundbreaking research in the most recent issue of the interdisciplinary journal, “Agricultural Research & Technology,” which provides information on new and emerging fields in global agricultural science. LogicPlum joins the ranks of companies like Kellogg, who are committed to helping support farmers in boosting yields, improving livelihoods, and enhancing environmentally sustainable and responsibly sourced food production. LogicPlum is a celebrated pioneer in translating business problems into AI solutions for its global clientele, helping bridge the divide between advances in machine learning and practical applications for the business world.

From the article abstract: “A consequence of disease in rice plants may lead to no harvest of grain; therefore, detecting disease early and providing expert remedies in a low-cost solution is highly desirable…. We study a pragmatic approach for rice growers to leverage artificial intelligence solutions that reduce cost, increase speed, improve ease of use, and increase model performance over other solutions.”

“Our recent publication clearly demonstrates the unique capability of translating LogicPlum AI and machine learning into solutions that can support crucial global industries like agriculture,” noted Damian Mingle, LogicPlum founder. “This is an example of just one of the many problems we can help solve. We actually improved on the state-of-the-art benchmark for rice plant disease classification by a significant margin and at the same time, we scaled our deep-learning model down to under 50 MB, allowing it to be used anywhere, without an internet connection. This is expert knowledge, accessible and available to help workers address problems immediately – farmers are no different. At its core, LogicPlum asks for organizational challenges so we can showcase how technology works in context, turning tech that has traditionally been considered impractical into the practical. One of the core tenants of what we believe is that innovation is not providing fancy algorithms, but rather value to the customer.”

LogicPlum: AI Solutions for Real-World Problems
“With our recently published work, we aimed to keep things simple,” said Amit Kumar, Machine Learning Researcher at LogicPlum. “Farmers and growers weren’t just having a hard time detecting disease correctly, but correctly knowing what to do next. That’s something we can help solve, both academically and with practical applications. LogicPlum refuses to be defined by someone else’s vision of what’s possible. And, we have now taken these deep learning approaches to the farmer’s field, putting them directly in the hands of farmers and administrators via smart phones – providing them real-time insights for cultural, preventive, and chemical methods that they can use.”

LogicPlum has been working and refining computer vision technologies for its platform since the spring of 2020. After beta testing, LogicPlum 3.0 was successfully released to the public in the first quarter of 2021. LogicPlum was also recently recognized on the cover of Inory Business Magazine as one of the Top 10 AI Companies to Watch in 2021.

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