AIC HA202-PV High Availability NVMe Shared Storage Cluster Server Certified by Open-E

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AIC Inc., (from now on referred to as “AIC”), a leading provider in enterprise storage and server solutions, today announced the certification of the AIC HA202-PV NVMe Shared Storage Cluster with the ZFS-based JovianDSS software by their Authorized Partner Open-E.

With the AIC HA202-PV NVMe Shared Storage Cluster, AIC provides fast and reliable solutions especially designed for high availability and accelerated performance. By eliminating SPOFs (single points of failure) the AIC HA202-PV NVMe Shared Storage Cluster provides protection from storage system downtime and loss of data. Deployed with High Availability Cluster Feature Pack, the HA202-PV NVMe Shared Storage Cluster ensures redundancy through failover in case of a failure.

The “Cluster-in-a-box” solution provides data connection between two redundant nodes and if one node fails, the second standby node takes over and receives access to all so that the system can work without any interruptions. The combination of the hardware with Open-E JovianDSS software results in a robust appliance that can work in a cluster solution. The NVMe Shared Storage Cluster appliance is easy to integrate in the network and can be accessed via several protocols.


  • Enhanced storage performance
  • “Cluster-in-a-box” system powered by Dual-Port NVMe
  • Guaranteed data protection
  • Flexible scalability
  • High Availability
  • Unlimited number of snapshots and clones
  • Data integrity check
  • Thin provisioning

The certification report with more details and test results is available on:

AIC and Open-E have been cooperating successfully for many years, and AIC has been recognized as an Open-E Authorized Partner.

About AIC

AIC is a leading provider of both standard OTS (off-the-shelf) and OEM/ ODM server and storage solutions. With expert in-house design, manufacturing and validation capabilities, AIC’s products are highly flexible and configurable to any form factor, standard or custom. For more info:

About Open-E

Open-E is a well-established developer of IP-based storage management software. Its flagship product Open-E JovianDSS is a robust, award-winning storage application which offers excellent compatibility with industry standards, and is the easiest to use and manage. Additionally, it is one of the most stable solutions on the market and undisputed price performance leader. For more info:

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