Air Quality Innovator Wynd Technologies Closes $10m Financing Round

REDWOOD, Calif., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wynd Technologies Inc., a Redwood, Calif.-maker of proprietary AI-powered indoor air monitoring and purification technologies, announced Tuesday the closing of a $10 million Series A funding round, co-led by DBL Partners and Greensoil PropTech Ventures (GSPV).

Named to Time Magazine’s annual best invention list, Wynd is already well known for innovative air purifiers for the consumer market. Wynd will use the proceeds of this financing to grow the firm’s pioneering enterprise-grade air quality management solutions. Wynd’s technology detects, predicts and remediates air quality issues with proprietary sensors, software and analytics. Its technology can be integrated with major HVAC systems and other products offering air purification solutions.

From hotel rooms to restaurant tables and corporate offices, businesses, including a Fortune 500 hospitality firm and a market-leading eCommerce grocery delivery service, are increasingly using Wynd’s air monitoring and purification systems. Wynd’s technology creates healthier spaces and helps customers and employees feel safe in an age of pandemics and serious public health challenges from wildfire smoke. Wynd products allow customers to unlock multiple benefits from improved air quality, as evidenced by a growing body of scholarly work, including from Harvard researchers. The research shows better air quality can improve cognitive function, promote health and, most importantly these days, reduce the spread of diseases such as COVID.

Wynd’s MIT alumni co-founders have spent the past five years redesigning indoor air quality monitoring and analytics technology from the ground up. Wynd’s patent-pending indoor particle sensors feature Air ID technology, which leverages machine learning classification capabilities to speciate pollutants at the root level – from smog to pollen, dander, aerosols and more. In addition, Wynd’s suite of comprehensive indoor air quality sensors can be paired with the company’s powerful analytics software, allowing building owners, operators, tenants and residents to monitor and improve the health and safety of indoor air environments.

Wynd also offers industry-leading air purification technologies for individual consumers. With a 1,200-square-foot range, Wynd’s Max room air purifier can be paired with the company’s Halo air quality monitor, which can be placed anywhere in a room for maximum detection, protection and air quality reports. Wynd’s compact, fully portable Wynd Plus and Wynd Essential personal air purifiers are well recognized for creating "bubbles" or clean air zones immediately around users, which can be important for workers returning to the office.

Wynd’s connected products also are pioneering the creation of crowdsourced data maps of pollution hotspots based on insights from consumers and businesses. Wynd has risen swiftly since MIT graduate and CEO Raymond Wu co-founded the company in 2014 after experiencing an adverse reaction to polluted air while on a business trip to Beijing. Since raising over $2 million in crowdfunding campaigns in its earliest days, Wynd has briskly scaled to sell to consumer and commercial customers globally.

"Healthy and safe indoor air quality is a fundamental human right, not a privilege," Wu said. "Wynd’s indoor air quality platform offers affordable and effective monitoring and purification solutions for mass use among consumers and companies. Wynd is a leading indoor air quality system trusted by families, SMBs and F500 companies. We have sold over 45,000 air quality monitors and solutions, and we are building the largest data set of indoor air quality measurements in the world, so problem spaces can be identified and improved. This new funding from DBL and Greensoil allows Wynd to continue to scale our market-leading technology into commercial and residential built environments."

"For years, DBL Partners has been searching for a game-changing air quality monitoring, filtration and purification company," said Nancy Pfund, founder and managing partner of DBL Partners and a newly appointed director to Wynd’s board. "Wynd is that company. As the world grapples with pandemics and the health effects of the climate crisis, old-fashioned fans and vanilla purifiers are not enough. Wynd’s powerful, economical air purification and monitoring technology gives users what they want, when they need it and it takes the guesswork out of making sure they’re breathing healthy air. As a result, DBL Partners views Wynd as a key ally in the movement for climate justice."

"Wynd’s integrated, easy to implement enterprise solutions, high-grade filtration, cloud-based analytics and ability to help HVAC systems operate in more efficient, sustainable ways make it an ideal addition to the GSPV portfolio," said Dave Harris Kolada, managing partner at Greensoil PropTech Ventures, who also will be joining Wynd’s board of directors. "Wynd’s elite team, cutting-edge IP, and convenient, cost-effective enterprise solutions are a terrific fit with our Fund II investment priorities and the needs of our real estate industry investors. We also see a complementary fit with other Greensoil portfolio companies, providing exciting product integration and business development opportunities."

Founded in 2014 by CEO Raymond Wu, Wynd’s innovative suite of indoor sensors, air quality monitors and smart air purifiers helps residential and business customers breathe healthier air wherever they go.  Wynd offers a range of smart, sleek air quality sensors, monitors, air purifiers and related software that algorithmically learn from the data and insights provided from business and consumer customers to adjust how they monitor and improve air quality. Learn more by visiting (enterprise customers) and (consumer customers).

Founded in 2003, DBL Partners is a pioneer and leader in impact venture capital. DBL’s practice of double bottom line investing delivers top-tier venture capital returns (First Bottom Line) and enables social, environmental, and economic improvement (Second Bottom Line) in the sectors and regions in which it invests. DBL’s investments in portfolio companies such as Tesla, SolarCity, Pandora, Powerlight (sold to SunPower), Nextracker (sold to Flex), Farmers Business Network, SpaceX, Andela, Mapbox, Apeel and Better Place Forests, among others, have created 50,000-plus quality jobs with quality benefits. For more information, visit DBL Partners.

Greensoil PropTech Ventures’ mission is to digitize and decarbonize the built environment, the biggest asset class on the planet, which is responsible for up to 40% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. GSPV invests in early to mid-stage venture capital opportunities in North America, Europe and Israel that make real estate more productive, efficient and sustainable. Backed by real estate and institutional Limited Partners, GSPV has a successful track record of backing, scaling and exiting high-impact PropTech companies. Wynd represents Greensoil’s third investment in its recently launched GSPV Fund II and second in the indoor air quality space. For more information, visit or follow GSPV on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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