Aleph Finance and SupraFin Announce Strategic Partnership

LONDON, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Aleph Finance and SupraFin are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership for cryptoasset financial promotion approval in the UK. The strategic partnership combines Aleph Finance’s experience in the UK and European financial industry and regulatory landscape and SupraFin’s crypto risk and investment intelligence expertise.

The UK government and the FCA have recently intensified their efforts to protect UK consumers concerning cryptoassets. In recent actions addressing cryptoasset firms marketing to UK consumers, the FCA has made it clear that all communications capable of having an effect in the UK must fall within the financial promotion regime. Specifically, on Oct 8, 2023, the UK government brought cryptoassets within the scope of the financial promotion regime.  

According to the new cryptoasset financial promotion regime, unauthorized and unregistered crypto businesses will only be able to communicate financial promotions that an authorized person has approved. Also, to be able to approve cryptoasset financial promotions, the approver must have competence in cryptoassets.

Aleph Finance is very sensitive to occurrences in the fintech space and the innovation and positive changes it brings about that must benefit customers and enable them to make decisions that are informed as much as possible.

Aleph Finance welcomes the new regime in the UK that, once again, has been a pioneer in this direction, setting an example for other regulators worldwide.

“We want to be part of a positive change in the market, and we understand that partnering with people with the frontier skills, great competence and incredible expertise such as our partners at SupraFin will ensure that we make our part to strengthen the financial services industry,” said Emanuele Rigo, CEO at Aleph Finance.

SupraFin is a pioneer in cryptoasset risk and has built and improved its cryptoasset risk frameworks since January 2018. Building on its cryptoasset risk frameworks, in Feb 2023, SupraFin launched its crypto ratings/risk scores and risk analysis research to help organizations and regulators reduce risk, generate alpha and comply with regulations. SupraFin has proactively engaged with regulators globally to share its cryptoasset risk insights and provide feedback on upcoming cryptoasset regulations.

“SupraFin aims to help the crypto industry move to its next phase (i.e., the regulated phase), and we believe that together with companies with significant experience and competence in the regulated finance and compliance industry, like Aleph Finance, will ensure we accomplish that,” said Liliana Reasor, CEO at SupraFin. 

About Aleph Finance
Aleph Finance (, a trading name of UCapital Asset Management llp, is a UK regulated (FCA 477155) asset manager, also active in capital markets providing a full range of services to both corporate and private equity clients and is listing sponsor at EuroNext. It is part of the UCapital Global Group investing in the fintech and insuretech space throughout Europe.

About SupraFin LTD
SupraFin LTD ( is a leading crypto investment/risk intelligence solutions provider based in the UK. SupraFin was founded by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in cryptocurrencies, risk models, complex investment products, portfolio management, trading, and quantitative analysis from tier-one financial institutions such as JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Moody’s Analytics, and IHS Markit, among others.     

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Liliana Reasor