Alitheon FeaturePrint® Named Among TIME Best Inventions of 2023

Highlighted among 200 groundbreaking innovations, FeaturePrint is recognized in the AI category 

BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Alitheon, the global leader in optical AI for serialization, enabling traceability and avoiding counterfeits and gray markets, today shared that its patented FeaturePrint® technology was selected by TIME for its annual list of Best Inventions.

FeaturePrint, which serializes items, parts and products with just a photo from a standard off-the-shelf camera, was created to solve the global multitrillion-dollar problem of counterfeit goods, untraceable items and poor identification of physical products, a growing issue affecting industries from automotive to pharmaceuticals, luxury goods to aviation. With just a photo, FeaturePrint converts the minute surface details of any physical item into a unique mathematical digital identity that can be used to irrefutably identify the item with 99.9% accuracy and no false positives.

“Fraudulent and unidentified goods infiltrate nearly every industry, damaging businesses, economies and livelihoods, as well as risking public health and safety,” said Roei Ganzarski, CEO of Alitheon. “TIME’s recognition of FeaturePrint as a leading invention puts this growing problem in the spotlight, where it should be.”

Case in point is the recent fraudulent aircraft engine parts fiasco that affected airlines worldwide. “This would’ve been avoided if the parts were FeaturePrinted,” said Ganzarski. “Instead, this is now a safety issue.” Fake parts have been found in engines of prominent airlines including Delta, United and Southwest, introducing a safety risk to the unknowing flying public. 

FeaturePrint is a B2B solution that’s being used in automotive, aerospace and defense, medical, precious metals, luxury goods and collectibles.

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About Alitheon
Alitheon® is the leader in advanced optical AI and creator of FeaturePrint®, a patented system connecting the physical and digital worlds via a secure and immutable link. FeaturePrint digitizes for items and products, what fingerprints are for people – a unique identifier that doesn’t require marking, modifying or adding anything to the item. Using just a camera, FeaturePrinting enables authentication, identification and traceability of individual items out of millions of similar objects, avoiding counterfeits, eliminating parts’ misidentification and minimizing the use of wrong products. FeaturePrint is currently used for numerous track, trace and authentication purposes across automotive, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defense, medical equipment, precious metals, and luxury goods and collectibles.

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