Alpharetta Data Center for Information Storage, Sharing & Disaster Recovery Expands at Digital Ignition

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Ignition, one of the fastest growing coworking spaces and tech incubators in Georgia, announced the expansion of their data center –designed to support the growing IT needs of companies in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Milton, Gainesville, John’s Creek, Suwanee, and the North Georgia region.   

The US economy loses between $200 to $570 billion a year in productivity due to power outages and other data disturbances. With increases in digitization, remote work, quick data access, secure information storage requirements, and overall cybersecurity specifications, companies of all sizes are looking for data centers near their homes and offices that will facilitate these new levels of business support.

After a successful soft launch in June 2021, Digital Ignition’s data center provides:  

  • Data Center near home and technology epicenters – strategically located in one of the fastest growing tech areas in the nation.
  • On-demand access to information, replicated backups, as well as personnel that can assist with disaster recovery planning.
  • Modern controls & protections that include Biometric access controls, N+1 redundancy, Leibert assisted datacenter cooling, power generators, ISP providers, and ongoing support.
  • Dynamic overflow seating arrangements that can accommodate tech teams of up to 100 people if needed to test or restore a company’s full system.
  • Dedicated public internet address space available for VPN or remote server/network access.
  • Onsite network engineers to assist with configuration and getting started.

As a result, Digital Ignition’s data center is ideal for:

  • Companies that are trying to store and access large files and tremendous volumes of information.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning companies, and Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain teams with large data processing needs.
  • Engineering, architecture, robotics, and 3D Modeling product development firms that need to house, test, and access large files in real time.
  • Technology providers and digital transformation companies that are analyzing broad and confidential data sets.

"Our Alpharetta data center is all about productivity and business continuity in today’s highly digital work environment," said Joanne Sanders, President of EWISE communications and General Manager of Digital Ignition. "We’re delighted to offer companies, adapting to this new way of doing business, with a solution close to home that helps them stay focused on growth," she added. 

To schedule a tour or for more information about Digital Ignition’s data center, please visit their website at or call 770.369.9321. 

About Digital Ignition

Digital Ignition, one of the fastest growing technology incubators in the state of Georgia, serves as a business launching pad for more than 40 growing companies in the region. Located in Alpharetta, Georgia (often referred to as the fintech capital of the world), Digital Ignition’s facility offers flexible and oversized co-working spaces, unique access to Georgia Tech’s ATDC best-in-class incubator services, and community-focused accelerator services that match member companies with area businesses looking to innovate.

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