Announcing TechBehemoths – The New Player in the IT Companies Directory with 50,000+ Service Providers from 140 Countries Listed

BERLIN, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The global IT market has experienced a huge boost in the past few years, especially in 2020-21, during the remote work in pandemic, with thousands of new companies being launched every month across the world; as well as new technologies, and a growing number of youngsters interested in embracing this field. 

However, the biggest struggle of IT companies still remains the possibility of improving their visibility on the web, and the need for companies to reach their target audience – the clients. On the existing resources and platforms that provide such services, companies experience a rather unpleasant effort in registering their profiles and becoming visible, not to mention the poor user experience.

“Because our company was receiving more client inquiries than we could absorb with our existing team, we started to search for some reliable outsourcing companies. The existing platforms that are doing that turned out to be too hard to use. It was not intuitive at all to find the right companies for us. Same for companies, the registration process was hectic, unclear and once you are done with the process your company will always be somewhere on the last pages unless you pay for a higher position – Marcel Sobieski, Founder of Mobiteam GmbH. 

To face these challenges TechBehemoths comes as a new, modernized, and professional solution where IT companies all over the world can either claim or register their profile, increase their visibility by filling in more information about them, and also find new business opportunities, clients, and projects – all for free.

At the starting point, TechBehemoths lists more than 50K IT companies across the globe that provide 510+ services in the IT and related fields.

As a young startup for IT companies, TechBehemoths development team promises to surprise the audience with new monthly updates. As of today, on TechBehemoths users can: 

  • Discover 500+ IT services
  • Discover 50,000 companies that provide these services
  • Find exact company details such as location, number of employees, portfolio, reviews
  • Review and rate companies
  • Claim listed companies
  • Learn companies’ service specialties
  • See companies’ portfolios
  • Contact companies
  • Visit their website
  • Insightful information about IT industries in different countries, cities

TechBehemoths is owned, created, and managed by Mobiteam GmbH – a leading German web agency with more than 8 years of experience with tens of thousands clients worldwide, including 3 startup exits to US and UK companies.

Media contact:
Marcel Sobieski

SOURCE TechBehemoths

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