APIwiz 2.0 Launches with Automated Governance and Compliance to Low-Code API Lifecycle Management Solution

Robust platform adds automated tools to manage API documentation, governance and compliance adds Astrum as a free downloadable API developer platform

PLEASANTON, Calif., Feb. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — APIwiz, an innovative low-code API (application programming interface) lifecycle management platform, today announced the release of APIwiz 2.0, a new release of the company’s API lifecycle management solution, now with automated support for API Governance and API Compliance. In conjunction with the latest release, APIwiz offers Astrum a free, downloadable version of its API management platform for developers.

Today’s enterprise businesses are heavily reliant on APIs to power their differentiated customer experience. Hard to manage and scale existing systems to meet ever growing expectation has already set business on a path to leverage newer architectures like MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) over the years to break away from the constant cycle of replatforming.

Given the proliferation of APIs, more so internally, managing API sprawl has become increasingly complex, and difficult to deal with design, functional and structural inconsistencies. APIwiz platform addresses the problem by giving developers a low-code approach to API creation that ensures standardized API development practices and compliance while automatically documenting and cataloging the code to provide a single source of truth. With the release of APIwiz 2.0, security and best practices are built in to ensure compliance and governance are taken care of so developers can focus on business logic.

“One of the most significant trends shaping the API developer tools market is the abstraction of code complexity and incorporating automation,” said Rakshith Rao, co-founder and CEO of APIwiz. “We created APIwiz as a low-code platform to make it easy for developers to create compliant APIs without having to understand the systems’ underlying structure. With APIwiz 2.0, we have taken the next step by standardizing development best practices and simplifying governance and compliance as part of the platform. We aim to deliver an API management platform that acts as a force multiplier, where the whole has much more value than the sum of its parts.”

Where most organizations adopt different tools to address different API lifecycle challenges, such as planning, designing, linting, building, testing, deploying and monitoring API, APIwiz offers a single solution for API lifecycle management. APIwiz 2.0 now adds automated API governance, applying common rules for API standards and security. This ensures consistency across APIs, making it easy to reuse components. APIwiz 2.0 also automates compliance, ensuring APIs conform to best practices, are compatible with other systems and have been tested for security vulnerabilities and other issues.

APIwiz 2.0 connectors has been extended to include API gateways (Apigee, ApigeeX, Kong, IBM), SCM (Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, AWS CodeCommit), Slack/Email Notification and Identity Management (Active Directory, Okta, Ping Identity).

To help API developers get started, APIwiz also has introduced Astrum, a free, downloadable version of the API management platform. Astrum can be installed as a native app on either Windows or Mac OS.

About APIwiz

APIwiz is a comprehensive, low-code API Lifecycle Management platform to harness the full value of organization’s heterogeneous environments, disparate architectures, and multiple gateways or service mesh. APIwiz’s integrated control plane allows enterprises to Plan & Design, Build & Manage, Test & Deploy, and Publish & Monitor all in one place. APIwiz unlocks better productivity within API Lifecycle Management, promoting customer-centric experiences through quick go-to-market times and building connected ecosystems for APIs. The APIwiz platform of Itorix Inc. was founded in 2018.

For more information, visit www.apiwiz.io.

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