Approval Payment Solutions (APS) Is Evolving in 2021

NEWBURGH, Ind., April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Approval Payment Solutions (APS) is excited to announce the rebranding to Evolv in 2021. Throughout the year, the APS logo will bear a tagline with the words “We are Evolv-ing,” a theme APS has been executing for many years.

While proving payment processing solutions to merchants across the country for over 23 years, APS has also been building and maintaining relationships with independent agents, financial institutions, and associations. In 2017, APS expanded its facility and enhanced its resources to provide a stronger a relationship to its partners and merchants, including adding a digital marketing offering and introducing a “shared services” model of business to sales agents and offices.

This “shared services” model has allowed APS to centralize administrative functions of many offices across the United States, which have come together to streamline, not only their operations, but merchant onboarding, equipment deployment, support, buying power, and so much more.

In November 2020, APS procured “Evolv” as the name for the shared services organization, and later this year, will transition fully into Evolv, bearing a name consistent with the company itself. The Evolv partners will bear a tagline with the words “Powered by Evolv.”

Together, this group maintains over 16,000 merchants, processes more than $5 billion in annual transactions, partners with more than 100 financial institutions and associations, pays over 400 monthly downlines, secured nearly a dozen acquisitions in less than three years, supports more than 20 regional and independent sales offices covering nearly the entire country.

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Media Contact:
Lilly El-Jerby