AppTek Named Among Pure-Play Vendors Targeting Best of Breed Intelligence in New Now Tech Report for Conversational Intelligence

McLEAN, Va., June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AppTek, a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Neural Machine Translation (NMT), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Natural Language Processing / Understanding (NLP/U) technologies, today announced its inclusion in Forrester’s Now Tech: Conversational Intelligence, Q2 2021 research report which provides an overview of the Conversational Intelligence market.

"We believe AppTek’s inclusion in Forrester’s Now Tech report reflects our commitment to delivering the best-in-class AI-enabled speech and language technology solutions that cover the full spectrum of conversational intelligence," said AppTek CEO Mudar Yaghi. "Our multi-faceted science team delivers industry-proven, scientifically-tested and benchmarked transcriptions, voice and text-based sentiment analytics, speaker separation, topic modeling capabilities, and more – all of which are critical to gathering the deep insights enterprises need to make better business decisions based on their customer conversations."

Forrester analysis of the Conversational Intelligence market was based on two factors: market presence and functionality. AppTek was listed in the mid-size category and within the primary functionality segment Pure Play vendors, who integrate with enterprise’s existing systems to add a new layer of conversational intelligence with more advanced, specialized, easier-to-use, and/or lower cost capabilities; many also focus on use cases outside of the contact center, including gathering customer insights, competitive intelligence, sales and marketing feedback.

The report continues to cite that "…spoken conversations are the bedrock of customer interactions…" and outlines the growing importance in terms of dollar value and CX impact that conversational intelligence offers the enterprise, allowing professionals to:

• Deliver CX insights at scale
• Improve CX behaviors at scale
• Accelerate revenue engines

"Customer conversations offer an enormous wealth of insights that can drive positive change across every function of the enterprise," said AppTek COO Mike Ferzacca. "Gathering customer insights begins with the level of accuracy afforded by the AI-enabled speech recognition model used. Accuracy is often overlooked but, as the source for all decisions, the better the recognition, the better the outcome. NLP/U text-analysis for topic extraction, speaker identification, and other core AI speech and language components comprise the additional pieces of the puzzle that culminate in actionable data and outputs. AppTek’s deep scientific expertise in these fields offers enterprises a differentiator when it comes to dependable results."

AppTek’s inclusion in the Forrester report is preceded by the recent announcement of AppTek’s selection into CallMiner’s Open Voice Transcription Standard as high-quality automatic speech recognition provider.

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About AppTek
AppTek is a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies for automatic speech recognition (ASR), neural machine translation (NMT), natural language processing/understanding (NLP/U) and text-to-speech (TTS). The AppTek platform delivers industry-leading, real-time streaming and batch technology solutions in the cloud or on-premises for organizations across a breadth of global markets, such as media and entertainment, call centers, government, enterprise business, and more. Built by scientists and research engineers who are recognized among the best in the world, AppTek’s solutions cover a wide array of languages, dialects and channels. For more information, please visit

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