Artists Can Now Receive Direct Payments with Ryddm

NEW YORK, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ryddm is the first streaming platform for IOS that allows musical artists to drastically increase their earnings through direct payments from fans.

Ryddm is rapidly gaining attention throughout the music world. A mixture of a social media app and streaming platform; Ryddm believes it is time that music streaming services should offer more. The primary objective is to offer a more fulfilling experience for both fans and artists,” said Ryddm’s founder John Kane. An important highlight is that fans can listen to music and discover new content for free. Furthermore, Ryddm allows users to become tastemakers and influence what deserves to be trending.

Ryddm allows users to get closer to the artists they love by engaging with premium music, photo and video content, live streams, and much more. Artist content may include updates, photos, music videos, live streams, and much more. Artists can upload music to Ryddm for free directly on the Ryddm website. Ryddm has onboarded thousands of talented artists and the beta version is expected to launch shortly on the Apple app store.

Ryddm helps artists grow and provides numerous opportunities to help artists expand their fanbase. Artists can market their music easier than ever before with in-app marketing. Ryddm is built on an algorithm that is designed to help artists get discovered via sophisticated content recommendations to users.  Ryddm is focused around Music discovery and also hosts charts where listeners can find the most popular tracks without digging through numerous playlists.

There is quite a lot to look forward to for the launch. Both artists and fans should use this time to register and claim a unique username, and make really exceptional music and visual content. Artists should use this time to invite their friends, family, and fans that will support them from day one.

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