Avatier’s New Mobile Identity Governance & Administration Solution, Identity Anywhere, Powers Digital Transformation

PLEASANTON, Calif., Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Avatier Corporation, the pioneers of work from anywhere (WFA) Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) cloud service, container solutions and access governance solutions, today announced the release of Avatier for iOS and Android, a new mobile app platform that creates a collaborative, self-service approach to enterprise access without compromising security. Avatier promises to simplify identity access management (IAM) by empowering organizations with greater control over enterprise access requests, compliance access certifications, single sign-on (SSO) to reduce SaaS license cost and self-service password management, all for a better value than buying individual point solutions.

Avatier’s new mobile experience is designed for the modern workforce, giving employees, customers, contractors and vendors a single mobile app that enables self-service business agility for time-sensitive security requests. Now anyone in the company can be alerted on their mobile device to approve business requests to access data and assets. Change management for the entire business can run through Avatier’s new mobile workflow experience, reducing overhead for IGA, streamlining provisioning and ensuring security compliance.

The new mobile platform is secure and frictionless because Avatier’s password-less authentication automatically integrates with third-party multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions already deployed in most enterprises. Avatier has MFA support for Duo Security, Google Authenticator, Okta Verify, Ping Identity, Radius, RSA SecureID, Symantec VIP and any FIDO2-compliant solution. Additionally, Avatier provides one-time passcode (OTP) support for SMS and email as well as biometric MFA solutions.

“IT staffs spend an inordinate amount of time managing user access requests and conducting access audits,” said Nelson Cicchitto, founder and CEO of Avatier. “Research from HDI shows that 30 percent of help desk calls are for access requests at an average cost of 17 dollars per call. Avatier’s user experience changes the game with push notifications and a touch interface that can save companies millions of dollars by streamlining security controls and authorization while enabling their entire workforce to approve access immediately when needed. With Avatier’s mobile application support, CSOs, IT personnel, security and compliance teams save time and resources by simplifying identity management and truly enabling enterprise-wide self-service.”

Avatier’s mobile platform includes a complete set of self-service identity management solutions, including:

  • Universal workflow: For the first time, the workflow interface used for all business requests and change control is now also the same interface used to conduct certification campaigns and verify access. Push notifications call attention to urgent business requests that need to be approved or denied. All role, access, assets, change control and user management is controlled through Avatier’s Universal Workflow Platform™. Access governance is part of workflow support, streamlining verification of granular access/assets, roles, direct reports, self-certification and native system security controls., including empowering attestors to allow, deny, allow exceptions, reassign attestor, or even return to the certification campaign owner.
  • Self-service group management: Enable self-service group membership requests with push notification for workflow approvals, including group creation, deletion, renaming and modifying group ownership.
  • User management: User access can be granted, disabled, or deleted either in real-time or as a scheduled task. As part of user management, Avatier Mobile makes it easy to manage data assets and software licenses to reallocate seats as needed.
  • Single sign-on: Onboard mobile and remote workers faster with Just-in-Time (JIT) cloud app user provisioning and de-provisioning to provide secure remote access to assets by simply adding users to your active directory groups. Avatier SSO supports leading industry standards like SAML, oAuth, OpenID and SCIM for JIT provisioning. 
  • Self-service password management: Eliminate help desk calls by giving users secure control over password reset and synchronization using leading MFA providers to verify identity. Avatier’s Password Policy Manager enforces enterprise password policy to maintain strong passwords across all systems.

Avatier Mobile is available from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

About Avatier Corporation

Avatier is the Identity Management company of the future with innovative solutions for today. Avatier develops a “state of the art” identity management platform enabling organizations to scale faster, innovate quicker, conquer and embrace change, to overtake your competition. The company’s identity solutions are delivered using the latest Docker container technology providing maximum flexibility, scale and security to our customers. Avatier’s identity management and access governance solutions make the world’s largest organizations more secure and productive in the shortest time at the lowest costs. Avatier brings all of your back office business applications and employee assets together and manages them as one.

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