Axiom Cloud Announces Its Advisory Board

OAKLAND, Calif., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today Axiom Cloud announced the formation of its Advisory Board, which includes refrigeration, retail grocery, machine learning, and software experts. Members of Axiom’s advisory board, listed below, will each use their unique expertise to help accelerate Axiom’s mission to "use software and automation to transform how the world’s cooling systems are powered, operated, and maintained."

"Driving transformational change in the commercial refrigeration industry is hard," said Amrit Robbins, CEO of Axiom Cloud. "These industry leaders have already helped us by recommending strategic adjustments, removing obstacles, and making introductions to the right industry stakeholders – we’re proud to formalize our affiliation with this incredible group of folks."

Pete Cuneo has 40 years of experience in the supermarket industry and has optimized supermarkets for major chains such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger, and Albertsons. As Facility Manager at The Fresh Market, Pete recommissioned the entire chain and reduced energy consumption by 19%. As a Project Manager at SEER2, Pete continues to use his expertise to reduce energy and maintenance costs for multiple nationwide chains. Pete advises Axiom on refrigeration maintenance, controls, and industry best practices.

"The refrigeration industry has needed a solution like Axiom’s for years now," said Pete Cuneo. "Axiom has built a great product, and I’m looking forward to the day when more of SEER2’s customers have Axiom’s apps in their stores."

Anthony Diamond, Ph.D. is a technology expert who has led multiple energy and software companies. As the CEO and Founder of Memory Maps Inc., he is working to commercialize a software-based learning tool that enables users to easily encode what they study to memory. Anthony has authored 10+ patents and was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Energy list in 2017. Anthony advises Axiom on a broad range of topics such as machine learning, product roadmap, and IP.

Robert Eidson has over 28 years of experience in the HVACR and EMS industries as a vendor, service provider, and end-user. He is currently a VP at CoolSys Energy Solutions. Robert has extensive experience with manufacturing, engineering, service, procurement and management for customers and vendors. Robert specializes in operational expense reduction initiatives through process improvements and capital deployment. Robert advises Axiom on all things refrigeration, including EMS integrations, root cause analysis for predictive maintenance, and process improvement.

"Commercial refrigeration is facing a massive shortage of qualified technicians, and the right software solution could help address this critical issue," said Robert Eidson. "Axiom caught my attention because of the results they have driven with large retailers, and I’m looking forward to helping them bring cloud analytics and IoT to this space."

Andrew Mastracci is a technical leader with a passion for bringing SaaS products from inception to millions of users. He has built a career in the network security and IoT space, where he has authored eight patents. Most recently he has been running Product Development organizations in Web3 and Zero-Party Data acquisition spaces, and he is currently CTO at Surf, an early-stage startup that is helping brands understand their audience and acquire zero-party data through web-data analytics. Andrew advises Axiom on cloud architecture and IoT.

Chris Preston is an artist-turned-business leader who has led high performing sales and marketing teams for small and large technology companies, including Microsoft. At Microsoft, he held a variety of leadership roles, including responsibility for a $600M commercial sales organization. Currently, Chris is President and Co-Founder at RaaStr, which specializes in providing companies with efficient revenue engines. Chis is also a board member of E8 Angels, a Pacific Northwest angel investment group focusing on climate tech. Chris advises Axiom on sales, marketing, and go-to-market strategies.

Dick Torpey is an accomplished sales leader with over 30 years of experience in the retail grocery and HVAC industries. Dick was previously Vice President of Global Sales at Emerson Retail Solutions, where he managed a global and diverse sales force focused on selling a comprehensive package of electronic controls, compressors, energy services, and software solutions to supermarkets and convenience stores. Dick advises Axiom on sales strategy and customer success.

Paul Wickberg is currently the VP of Business Development at alpscontrols and has 30 years of business management, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability experience in the HVACR industry. Previously Co-founder and President of Computer Process Controls (now part of Emerson Climate Technologies) and Chief Operating Officer and founding member of Verisae, a software-as-a-service business specializing in web-based asset management, Paul is an expert at turning growing software companies into industry leaders. Paul advises Axiom on business development, sales, and growth.

About Axiom Cloud 
Axiom Cloud’s mission is to use software and automation to transform how the world’s cooling systems are powered, operated, and maintained, in order to generate significant climate and financial impact. Axiom’s team of refrigeration experts, data scientists, energy experts, and software developers solves retail grocery’s biggest energy and maintenance challenges by layering intelligence onto their existing refrigeration systems.

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