Banty Expands Popular Medical Video Conferencing Platform to Include Businesses and Individuals – Customized, White-Label Branding Tools to Increase Professional Web Presence

TORONTO, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — announced that it had expanded its virtual meeting platform services to include business and person-to-person communications in addition to its groundbreaking, patient-centered, medical conferencing access. Banty video conferencing combines the utility of a simplified video and text platform with the smooth ease of company or logo branding, without the need for expensive digital overhauls or complicated web development. Banty requires no experience, no downloads, and works directly from any common web browser, giving users access to a safe and secure portal with a single URL that never changes. Offering screen sharing, scheduling, automatic email invites, YouTube sharing, recording, collaborative whiteboarding, internal messaging, multiple affordable subscription packages, and much more, Banty is the next evolution in customized digital conferencing software.

“When we first started as a medical conferencing tool between patients and providers, one of our most popular features was Banty’s white-labeling functionality,” said Banty Co-founder and marketing expert, Scott Wilson. “Our doctors loved the streamlined ease of Banty, while providing their patients a customized link and webspace that looks like an extension of the doctor’s practice. So we’ve definitely kept that feature with our B2B and B2C expansion. Each of our users gets a unique, permanent, link and may easily create a branded meeting room page to match their website. This page improves their web presence and makes it easy for their customers to comfortably connect, because they recognize the business. For example, our URL tags read: That looks and feels like an extension of the business itself.”

Other meeting platforms generate unique but confusing links for each and every meeting. Those links are long – containing multiple letters, numbers and special characters – making them impossible to memorize and impersonal. Customers often click on old or expired links, spending countless frustrating minutes wasting time in abandoned rooms. With Banty, customers land in a room that can look and feel like a company’s own website, making customers feel warm and welcome; and a Banty link is always the same for every meeting, offering important consistency. Moderators can control access, allowing customers to enter a meeting room when ready, or message customers to let them know if presenters are running late.

Banty: Personal Web Conferencing with an Individual Touch
“In March of 2020, Banty was simply a better idea for medical video conferencing,” said Banty Co-founder Dr. Rick Tytus, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University.”But patients loved it so much, they began asking to use Banty to host personal sessions and meetings for their businesses. And we thought: ‘Well, why not?’ So we designed this latest expansion to be an extension of a business’s web presence, adding the functional utility of social media with the important marketing tactic of branding. Banty is like combining LinkedIn or a Facebook business page with easy-to-use video conferencing. And now, in addition to our medical practice and physician clients, businesses and individuals can also take advantage of all that Banty has to offer. We also see Banty as a critical communication tool in this era of lockdowns, social distancing, and increased isolation. Many of our clients use our platform as a way to stay in touch with loved ones too, and we see that as a wonderful use of these tools.”

Banty has already been deployed in multiple countries, has employees who speak eight different languages, and is working on plans to launch platform access for the 21 most commonly spoken/written languages in the near future. Learn more about Banty via this YouTube explainer video, or follow Banty on social media for the latest platform innovations: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

About Banty
Banty began as a patient-centered video conferencing platform that allows doctors to integrate virtual medical appointments into their clinics and practices easily. Accessed via a simple web browser, Banty requires no downloads, registration, or lengthy, complicated set-ups, while providing users with a dedicated URL that is easy to remember. A prepackaged, ready-made digital system right out of the box, Banty has expanded beyond just medicine to help businesses and individuals communicate online with greater ease. Learn more at:

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