Banty Is the Easy, Feature-rich, Secure Video Conferencing Solution for Small Businesses

TORONTO, May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As countless companies shift their operations online, it is more imperative than ever to be well-connected. Today, is helping small businesses accomplish this thanks to its easy, feature-rich, secure video conferencing solution.

“With more people working from home, we recognize the format of staff and client meetings have had to change. Not everyone can be in the same boardroom, so smart, yet easy alternatives need to be embraced,” explains Banty Co-Founder and CEO, Scott Wilson. “Banty offers small businesses a virtual meeting option that is not just cost effective, but also focused on driving productivity and interactive behaviour. The aim is to create an online meeting space that feels as rewarding as an in-person one.”

Banty has a number of solutions that are meant to make video conferences – large and small – easy to attend and be productive within. (Watch the ‘Banty Is Easy’ video here: )

Customized Experience

Every Banty user gets to create a unique, permanent URL for their meeting space. This link is sent to everyone who has been invited to a video meeting, rather than an auto generated, alphanumeric link and password. Invitees do not require a Banty account to join your meeting.

The custom URL acts as a great promotional tool for small businesses, as does the ability to personalize any Banty meeting space with a headshot, branding materials, and company-specific details like staff bios or contact information.

As meeting requests stack up, they can be easily tracked using Banty’s intuitive scheduling tool. To conveniently manage all appointments, an office’s administrative assistant can be granted permission to oversee the calendar.

Top of Mind Security

Your online safety is of great importance to Banty. This is why end-to-end encryption technology is used to keep any information disclosed during a meeting private and secure.

What’s more, if the manager of a small business is conducting virtual job interviews one day, they can control who has access to the company’s meeting room. Once they activate the door lock feature, another individual cannot enter without permission.

In this example, if a person were to arrive early for an interview while another was still in progress, they’d remain in a virtual waiting room until it’s their turn.

Clean Connectivity

Spotty audio and video can really slow the momentum of a meeting. With Banty virtual meeting rooms, the host can adjust the video feed’s quality in case others on the call have a poor Internet connection. This minimizes lag and the possibility of someone prematurely dropping off of a call.

Banty meetings can be accessed from any desktop web browser, or through dedicated apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Flowing Features

Small businesses can take advantage of a plethora of video meeting features to help foster a very productive and interactive experience.

Banty rooms include:

  • Screen share and recording capabilities
  • A digital whiteboard
  • Polling
  • Active speaker view
  • Group YouTube video watching

“Small businesses are important to so many communities,” offers Banty Co-Founder Dr. Richard Tytus. “This secure, easy-to-use video conferencing platform will certainly help them manage their busy meeting schedules, stay connected with staff, and hopefully generate even better business.”

Today, everyone has a mobile number and an email address. In the near future, everyone will have a Banty video chat address:

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About Banty
Banty began as a patient-centered video conferencing platform that helps doctors easily integrate virtual medical appointments into their clinics and practices. Now, Banty also offers exceptional video conferencing solutions for Businesses, Enterprise, Virtual Events, and Personal use.

Banty is accessible via any desktop browser, or through dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps. With a wide variety of engaging features geared toward productivity and maintaining personal connections, Banty is the virtual meeting platform that brings the world together through better communication.

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Scott Wilson

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