Banty Video Calls Make Working from Home Easy and Effective

TORONTO, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — is helping companies and their employees work from home in an easy and effective manner. This state-of-the-art video conferencing service makes it possible to securely host meetings remotely, while providing teams with a full suite of enhanced productivity features.

“Because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many companies have turned to a work-from-home model for employees. To make this feasible, a virtual meeting solution that’s safe, simple to use, and very intuitive is needed,” notes Banty Co-Founder and CEO, Scott Wilson. “Banty delivers on all three of those fronts. What’s more, Banty meetings can be accessed globally from any desktop web browser, or through dedicated apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.”

Banty has a number of solutions that are meant to make video chats easy to attend and be productive within. (Watch the ‘Banty Is Easy’ video here:

Getting to a Meeting
Each meeting room URL can be customized to represent a company’s name, or an employee’s name. This is the link that gets emailed to meeting invitees, as opposed to an auto-generated, alphanumeric link and password. A person does not need to be a subscriber to attend a Banty meeting.

Once an individual accepts a meeting invite, the details are inserted into their Google Calendar. Meanwhile, those hosting a meeting can keep track of appointments in their Banty admin portal. Here, support staff can be granted permission to manage the meeting schedule on someone else’s behalf.

Staying Secure
Any sensitive information discussed in a Banty meeting room remains private and secure, thanks to end-to-end encryption technology.

As an added layer of protection, enable the door lock feature to keep someone from entering a meeting prematurely. Once a gathering is ready to begin, open the lock, and those in the virtual waiting room can be let in.

Features and Connectivity
Remote staff are able to remain productive and engaged in Banty meeting rooms. The screen share function makes it possible to review reports and projects as a group. Also, the digital whiteboard can be used to draw up new ideas, while the polling feature helps teammates share opinions in an organized manner.

To see how involved each staff member is during meetings, Banty allows the host to keep track of how much someone participates in the video and text chat. When the CEO wants to lead a meeting, the active speaker view tool will draw everyone’s attention to their video feed.

Since working from home also means not everyone will have the same Internet strength, a meeting’s video quality can be adjusted to prevent choppiness or lag. This is ideal for conversation, or if meeting participants are watching a YouTube clip together in the video feed.

“Even after the world gets past COVID-19, it is very likely that a lot of companies will continue to embrace the idea of working from home,” says Banty Co-Founder Dr. Richard Tytus. “Banty is an engaging, cost-effective video conferencing solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, Banty is very user-friendly, making it easy for all employees to navigate.”

Today, everyone has a mobile number and an email address. In the near future, everyone will have a Banty video chat address:

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About Banty
Banty began as a patient-centered video conferencing platform that helps doctors easily integrate virtual medical appointments into their clinics and practices. Now, Banty also offers exceptional video conferencing solutions for Businesses, Enterprise, Virtual Events, and Personal use.

Banty is accessible via any desktop browser, or through dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps. With a wide variety of engaging features geared toward productivity and maintaining personal connections, Banty is the virtual meeting platform that brings the world together through better communication.

Scott Wilson

SOURCE Banty Inc.