Beacon Looks to Disrupt Local Search with AI-Driven Local Answers

SONOMA, Calif., May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Local search, the process of finding businesses, services, and things to do within a specific geographic area via search engines and online maps, is undergoing a transformative shift. While traditional local searches often yield an overwhelming array of options and reviews, studies show that recommendations from friends remain the most trusted and effective way to find local services and establishments.

Enter Beacon, a groundbreaking startup that is harnessing the power of generative AI to provide personalized, friend-like recommendations for local queries. By integrating advanced AI technologies, Beacon offers users finely-tuned, conversational answers about where to eat, shop, and explore, akin to getting a tip from a local friend.

“Getting answers about where to eat is much more efficient and effective than sifting through endless search results,” states Juan Soberanis, co-founder of Beacon. “But this is just the beginning. We’re entering an exciting new era where local answers will be the launching pad for personal agents that can automatically complete tasks such as ordering food, reserving tables, and booking accommodations.”

Beacon is readily accessible across multiple platforms, including a web interface, and mobile applications for iOS and Android. When users interact with the app, they receive AI-driven responses that not only suggest places but also visually locate them on a map. Users can then delve into more detailed information for any selected place, such as location, directions, operating hours, and contact details.

Beacon is committed to enhancing its AI-driven platform through community engagement and user contributions. In the near future, the company plans to foster a community where users can participate by submitting place answers, ratings, reviews, and edits. This collective input will not only enrich the database but also refine the AI’s accuracy and responsiveness, ensuring that recommendations are continually improved and personalized.

About Beacon

Beacon is a location-aware personal agent startup with a mission to automate tasks currently done manually through local search and traditional online services. Visit Beacon at for more information.

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