Behavior Frontiers Announces Data-Driven Treatment Outcomes

Leading the way with measurable results for autism treatment 

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Behavior Frontiers, a non-public agency offering solutions to help children with autism and other special needs using state-of-the-art applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment programs, has announced treatment outcomes based on their proprietary data-collection software, PrioraCare. This data, gathered from tens of thousands of client interactions, shows clear and measurable progress in client success in all areas of the ABA treatment program.

PrioraCare is a proprietary data-collection software, designed specifically for the needs of Behavior Frontiers’ applied behavior analysis treatment program. In addition to allowing for the collection of client progress data across all areas of ABA treatment, it also allows for clinicians to analyze and produce outcome data on client progress toward skill acquisition and problem behavior reduction. Using PrioraCare, Behavior Frontiers now has the ability to aggregate client data and run analyses on demand, which shows measurable client progress company-wide, not only in skill acquisition and problem behavior reduction, but also on improvements on standardized and criterion-referenced assessments. 

Among other results, this PrioraCare data shows significant improvements in VB-MAPP assessment scores following treatment. After just six months of treatment for early intervention clients (ages 0-4), the data shows a 63% improvement across all areas. This increases to a staggering 257% improvement after two years of ABA treatment. Among all clients, after 11 months of treatment, severe behaviors were reduced by 60%, while aggression was reduced by 69%. In the area of skill mastery, clients of Behavior Frontiers learned an average of 15 new skills per month, including an average of 9 new communication skills and 4 new social skills per month. 

Behavior Frontiers has also launched a new clinical outcomes dashboard for client families through the customized parent portal. Parents and caregivers now have access to a wealth of information on their child’s progress, including percentage of progress toward mastery of overall treatment program, skills acquired each week or month, and speed to gain new skills in order to project length of total treatment time. Furthermore, parents and supervisors now have access to outcome data on the number of learning opportunities presented by clinicians to their child per treatment session, day, week, or month. 

“We are so pleased to be able to announce these client outcome results,” said Behavior Frontiers Founder and CEO, Helen Mader. “With this groundbreaking achievement in the field of ABA treatment for autism, Behavior Frontiers continues to prove that we are leading the way in high-quality ABA services. The combination of our custom curriculum, trainings, and treatment protocols, with never-before-seen visibility into the variables associated with quality outcomes, means that we are truly able to deliver superior care to our clients and help them to achieve a world without limits!” 

Helen Mader, Founder and CEO is available for interviews via zoom or in person.


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