Best Hearing Aid Deal in The Country? ZVOX Offers FDA-Registered Dual-Microphone Rechargeable Hearing Aids for Less than Half Price – Only $249.99 Per Pair

Special Discount on Advanced FDA-Registered Rechargeable Models Make Them Quite Likely the Best Hearing Aid Deal in the Country – While Quantities Last! More Than 60% Off the Regular Price of $699.99 a Pair

SWAMPSCOTT, Mass., Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ZVOX Audio, the pioneering speaker and hearing technology company, is now offering what is most likely the country’s best deal on advanced hearing aids. ZVOX dropped the price of its FDA-registered dual-microphone VB25 rechargeable hearing aids from $699.99 per pair to just $249.99. The VoiceBud VB25 is currently available direct at

The VB25 hearing aids feature four listening settings – including a special Noiseblocker “restaurant mode” that focuses your hearing on just the people at your table. They feature a dual-microphone system and use sophisticated algorithms designed to minimize sounds coming from in back of you — while simultaneously clarifying voices from people in front of you. This sophisticated design is normally found only in hearing aids selling for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars more.

Other features include:

  • Wide Audio Frequency Range: Like other advanced hearing devices, the VB25 has a very wide audio frequency range, amplifying sounds from 200 Hz to 5.7 kHz – resulting in smooth, natural sound.
  • Dramatically Reduced Squealing: A sophisticated anti-feedback system helps minimize “squealing.”
  • Ambient Noise Control: A multi-layer noise reduction system automatically detects sounds from air conditioners, fans, and car engines – and minimizes those sounds.
  • Loud noise control. The VB25 can quickly detect loud noises and automatically “turn down the volume” to prevent too-loud sounds from reaching the user’s ears.
  • Comfort & Maintenance Features: The VB25 uses a BTE (Behind the Ear) design and is supplied with user-changeable sound tubes (4) and ear domes (12) in three assorted sizes. Each VB25 also comes with a tool that allows the user to clean and maintain tubes and domes.

The convenient rechargeable battery system includes a compact mobile recharging carry case that can recharge the VoiceBuds up to three times. The nickel metal hydride battery will power the hearing aids for 16-21 hours and is good for 500 recycling charges. All the electronics are sourced from U.S. companies. Ensuring the highest build quality and performance, the VB25s use high-quality digital electronics and are backed by a 60-day money-back return policy.

The VoiceBuds are so small that most people won’t even notice when someone is wearing them, and they are designed to be comfortable for all-day use. For total convenience and flexibility, they can be stored in their charging case and thrown in a pocket or purse for whenever you need a little help hearing.

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