Bitcoin Foundation Commemorates World Bitcoin Day In El Salvador

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Bitcoin Foundation ( announced the commemoration of World Bitcoin Day, a global event originating in El Salvador. On September 7th, 2021, a world-changing event occurred as El Salvador enacted the Bitcoin Law, officiating Bitcoin as legal tender in the country alongside USD.

A transition to an economy with a fully supported decentralized cryptocurrency will require a learning curve during initial adoption. This includes government-supported wallets and ATMs.

Brock Pierce, the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, states:

"This was a historic moment in which the world’s global financial system is evolving. Financial inclusion is possible for everyone."

Brock Pierce is a pioneer in digital currencies, raising over $5 billion for his companies in technology. His initiatives in El Salvador are focused on raising awareness for the country and attracting direct foreign investment. He led a group innovators and entrepreneurs to usher in a new wave of technology platforms that will help uplift the country.

Pierce adds, "Almost two thirds of the population in El Salvador lack access to banking and basic financial tools. The adoption of Bitcoin and the transition to digital currency will radically improve this. Change is never easy, but necessary."

In honor of the historic day, The Bitcoin Foundation hosted an event with blockchain experts, influencers and local community leaders. The event featured a drone light show experience, where 150 drones flew over the ocean near the cliffside hotels of La Libertad to tell the story of Bitcoin in El Salvador.

Alongside the Bitcoin Foundation, the United Council of Rising Nations gathered to visit and support the community through meetups and education. The council is represented by diplomats and leaders from around the world, working to help governments enact pro-innovation policies that uplift their economies.

"Bitcoin adoption on a mass scale is going to take education, which is what we are here to support."

Crystal Rose Pierce, Chairman

The Bitcoin Foundation would like to congratulate President Bukele and the entire legislative team for enacting the Bitcoin Law as the catalyst for financial inclusion in El Salvador.

This was a day of independence from government fiat currency, a day of liberty and freedom.


The Bitcoin Foundation, founded in 2011, is the oldest and largest Bitcoin advocacy organization, raising awareness of the benefits, uses & technology requirements of Bitcoin.

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