BizSprints Aligns Departments, Databases, and Dashboards to Help Companies Get More Stuff Done

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BizSprints today announced that Alan Faulk has been named their new Chief Operating Officer (COO).  As COO, Faulk will be responsible for leading all company operations for BizSprints’ professional services and contact center consulting.  He will report directly to Michael McMillan, the Chief Executive Officer.

“Our and Pipedrive professional services team is growing faster than anyone could have ever imagined. We’re lucky to have found a leader with such a perfect blend of experience to come lead and guide our team,” said McMillan.

“It’s stressful when departments aren’t on the same page and leaders are chasing their tail with no progress,” said Faulk.  “Leadership should have access to real-time results and employees shouldn’t be confused on what needs to be done.  Otherwise, their company’s growth slows dramatically and opportunities get lost.”

BizSprints is the professional services provider for many of the world’s largest software companies.  Interested companies start by meeting with BizSprints to set clear goals and expectations.  After expectations are set, operational systems are created to ensure all employees know exactly what to do and how everything works.  Then, companies have full alignment to sprint towards their goals.

BizSprints’ CEO, Michael McMillan said, “Imagine when you open your dashboard, you can be proud of the growth you see and in knowing your team has a clear path to get stuff done.”

BizSprints’ services help companies get more stuff done by aligning their departments, databases, and dashboards.  McMillan adds, “The question every leader will be asking is, “Can I manage all of these details without losing my mind?”

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Most companies struggle to find an easy way to keep track of all the details happening in their departments, databases, and dashboards.  Founded in 2016, BizSprints offers consulting and professional services to align all of these details in your operational software so that your teams can get out of the fog and get more stuff done.  Please visit to learn more.

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