Black Virtual Career Fair Showcases New Companies and New Job Opportunities for March 2021 Spring Fair

OAKLAND, Calif., March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the pandemic economy challenges Black professionals in the workplace, Black Virtual Career Fair (“BVCF”) hosts its spring fair on Thursday, March 25, from 9am-1pm PDT. BVCF virtual career fairs match Black professionals with exciting career opportunities at forward thinking and inclusion minded companies. The fair offers more than 1000 job opportunities nationwide in various industries including Healthcare and Tech.

March’s career fair showcases 22 companies including employers such as Annexon Biosciences, Anthem, HorizonBlue Cross Blue Shield of NJ, Intuitive Surgical, Myriad Genetics, TenetHealthcare, The MetroHealth System, and Zendesk.

According to data and various articles, when looking at the total workforce in the U.S., Black women account for 7% of the population, but make up 12% of minimum wage earners. In addition, of C-suite leaders today, 21% are women and just 1% are Black women.  “Black Women have been hit hard in this pandemic economy,” said Lakeisha Poole, Partner, Black Virtual Career Fair and Founder, Onyx Community Connection. “That is why we are proud that BVCF creates a platform that amplifies Black professionals, especially Black women, where they can present to participating employers their talent, accomplishments and expertise.”

“Although the pandemic has had a disproportionately negative impact on African American employment, we have identified companies that are actively seeking to hire Black professionals,” said Michael DeFlorimonte, Partner, Black Virtual Career Fair and Founder, African American Employee Network (AAEN). “We anticipate partnering with over 200 employers nationwide this year, and will continue growing our well-matched candidate pool to meet their needs.”

BVCF provides Black professionals, both active and passive, with free services, resources, and tools to assist with the entire job search process. Employers can review resumes and post jobs. Candidates, recruiters and hiring managers interact in real-time via audio, video and text chat during the fair, which is from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm PDT.

Candidate registration is free. To register for BVCF’s Spring Virtual Career Fair visit:

About Black Virtual Career Fair (BVCF)

Black Virtual Career Fair (BVCF) is a joint venture of two Black professional organizations: the African American Employee Network (AAEN), a communications network serving and supporting African American professionals in the area of information, events (education, networking) and career development; and Onyx Community Connection (Onyx), a Black professionals organization committed to amplifying Black excellence through regular business, social and community service events and communications. Together as BVCF, we leverage a syndicated network to reach qualified candidates nationwide.

Piloted in the SF Bay Area in2019, BVCF has quickly grown and now matches qualified candidates to employer job opportunities nationwide. BVCF attracts a high volume of qualified Black candidates, including the often-elusive passive candidates, who are drawn to BVCF because of its confidentiality features such as the stealth search and database opt-out options. Mid-to-senior level Black professionals also can discover high-level positions at growing companies.  

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