Blue Tech Inc. Develops CYF4 Blockchain for the Office

LA JOLLA, Calif., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CYF4 has created an easy-to-use Blockchain program that can be used by companies to store their documents securely in the cloud.

The CYF4 Block Chain team consisted of an eclectic group:

  • Alex S. A brilliant programmer with MS in Grid Computing and experience as a Soviet T80 tank platoon leader in Siberia. Now a naturalized US Citizen.
  • Bob B – A professional saxophone player with a Cisco CNAA certification, and just as importantly, a Padres baseball fan
  • Bill O – A cloud storage expert who also performs as a rock-n-roll piano player for local bands in Alabama
  • Chris I – Internet Web designer and tech analyst
  • Guy S – A former CIA case officer who runs a network integration business.
  • Rod T – Retired US Army LtCol and beta test reviewer.

The CYF4 Blockchain has a unique feature; the ability to “delete” a Block Chain document by majority vote. A feature most companies would want in order to get rid of erroneous or “dead” documents.

This “delete” feature of course is not standard for any Block Chain and resulted in the filing of a Patent for the delete process.

The CYF4 Block Chain has a simple topology. End-users store the blockchain code on their systems, and that code points to a document in the secure cloud. This topology makes it relatively easy to mark a document for addition, deletion, or modification, via a voting process.

CYF4 is now releasing the beta version of CYF4 Blockchain. Those interested in running the beta version should send an email request to

CYF4, PO Box 2628, La Jolla CA 92038, Email:
ATTN: Blockchain

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