to Join the Top 3 Online Platforms in India Over Next 5 Years, Says Bobby Borisov

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — “Behind every great company stands a great leader”, which is the case with Bobby24, an American multinational cloud-based platform. It provides communication services, customer relationship services (CRM), e-commerce platform, professional networking, in addition it offers persistent chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. is founded based on current and future market demand of the newest trends in technology space, which is Fusion Marketing, combining Traditional Marketing + Digital Marketing + Social Media Marketing. Social media platforms vary from one country to another, one of the defining phenomena of the present times is astonishing growth of the economy in India.

According to Global Data India is the world’s fastest-growing major economy in the world. With similar population to China, and with the well-designed product to serve in best ways the raising businesses in India, Bobby24 is set for growth. Similar to how WeChat started in China on 01/21/2011, and within 10 years reached $500 billion valuation. No doubt that with the strategy of Bobby24 that success could be repeated. Bobby24 is founded based on the experiences of a successful businessman that learned and applied same philosophy and tools through various businesses in different countries and always was able to succeed. In addition, through his journey, Bobby helped many businesses with their start-up, increasing sales, management, etc. Bobby has proved to himself and his peers that his concepts work in any country at any time, and his goal is to share his experience to anyone that wants to become entrepreneur or grow their business.

When renowned American businessman, serial entrepreneur, investor, and activist, Bobby Borisov was a kid growing up in Bulgaria, he didn’t have the same dreams and aspirations as most of his peers. His first venture was a grocery store that he has opened in his father’s garage at age of 15, prior to that saving money working for his grandfather for 3 years. Eventually, Bobby felt like he needed a change, after all, he was seeking better business opportunities for growth, and Western Europe was a perfect place to find them. He spent time working in various countries, doing all kinds of jobs, and was always able to create his own business. Each country Bobby visited, he had to learn the language and obtain the proper documentation to stay, Germany, France, Spain, etc. while working to finance his journey. At age of 28 full of hopes and visions, energized with re-iterations of the American dream.

He is a unique businessman with a keen eye for hidden opportunities and able to discover untapped treasures, Bobby has championed the successful enlivening of many businesses and growing startups across the world through his Los Angeles based parent company, BB Investment Holdings. Now 43, fully accomplished and still expanding, Borisov’s story reads like an inspirational non-fiction.

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