Breinify Accelerates Momentum in Second Half of 2021 on Heels of Seed Funding

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Breinify, the leading lightweight personalization platform, is pleased to announce continued momentum following a $11 million round of seed funding in April 2021. The company has seen strong continued growth, meeting key milestones set for 2021 including tripling its headcount and 4.3x revenue, adding four new customers, and experiencing zero product downtime, among other drivers of operational success.

"It’s incredible to see how Breinify has grown," says Diane Keng, co-founder and CEO of Breinify. "We’ve done an amazing job setting the foundations for scaling as we raised $11M in unheard of speeds. Our ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach really resonates with our customers and we’re beyond ecstatic to see how we’ve jump started their personalization journeys."

New Notable Customers & Partnerships

In the last few years, retail/CPG brands have made quite a shift to become more digital-centric and data-driven. To successfully move the needle for these industries, these brands have to find ways to implement smart personalization. Unfortunately, unless you are Amazon, Google, or the top one or two brands in your industry, these companies face several challenges to enable even the most basic personalization capabilities. Breinify is democratizing data science by finding ways to make predictive capabilities accessible to non-technical, yet data-driven marketing teams. The company’s AI solution enables enterprise marketers to deliver predictive personalization at scale.

"2021 has shown us that brands are hungrier than ever for predictive personalization," says Keng. "More of the brands we see in our kitchen pantries or bathroom cabinets embrace the importance of relevant personalization, but struggle to get effective experiences up and running. Through word of mouth, we organically quadrupled our customer base and expanded our partnership with more than 80 percent of our existing customers. The time to access data science powered personalization is now."

Breinify customers include BevMo!, Duraflame, Sally Beauty, and many more to drive $125M in new revenue, 20x results (between split testing) for page visits, and +105% in CRM growth.

"Breinify is the backbone of our digital innovation strategy, which has led to an incredible amount of sales for us," says Matt Champion, CMO of BevMo!. "They’re undoubtedly an integral part of our acquisition and engagement efforts."

In addition, Breinify has entered into partnerships with SAP Commerce Cloud and Acoustic. Breinify works with Acoustic as part of a revenue-sharing partnership that helps both Breinify and Acoustic customers, primarily retail marketers, connect with their target audiences by email.

Breinify was the top startup at SAP.iO – a business unit dedicated to incubating, accelerating, and supporting startup innovation – also securing the fastest SAP Commerce Cloud App Store release. Breinify is currently well on its way to becoming a top partner for personalization and customer experience, working with SAP Commerce Cloud and a number of their marketing products.

Employee Retention and New Key Hires

Breinify’s team and work culture is a key focus of the company, which has resulted in strong employee retention rates. The company has retained its first five employees, and continues to focus on building a great work environment.

Following measurable growth, Breinify has tripled its headcount and met a key milestone for 2021, adding a new VP of Sales and Head of Growth, and doubling all departments including sales and marketing in preparation for hyper growth over the next couple of years.

Global Expansion

Brenify continued its global expansion efforts, opening new offices in Germany and San Francisco. Headquartered in San Francisco, the majority of the team operates out of this office,  while a smaller team of data scientists is based in Germany. Additionally, Breinify has hired  marketing and sales talent across the US and Canada to work remotely during the pandemic.

Product Features

  • Curation-based recommendations give Breinify’s customers the opportunity to decide how they want to personalize product recommendations, helping save time, enable smart personalization, and align personalization efforts with specific business goals.
  • Pre-configured campaigns provide marketers with peace of mind. Instead of manually updating content tags for each personalization campaign, Breinify’s solution automates this and helps marketers quickly enable personalization capabilities.
  • Post-processing improvements help non-technical marketers determine the success of integration on their own. Breinify utilizes A/B testing to measure the impact of recommendations against previous baselines – for example, marketers can compare recommendations based on factors like product category or weather. Separately, compare results from different pricing recommendation strategies.
  • Breinify’s basket cadence module helps marketers curate highly relevant and personalized product recommendations that target consumers when they’re most likely to purchase a certain product. These recommendations are either based on an individual consumer’s historical behaviors or the average behavior of all of a brand’s consumers.


Breinify is a venture-backed AI company that helps enterprises deliver personalized and relevant digital experiences. The company’s mission is to democratize data science by finding ways to make predictive capabilities accessible to non-technical, yet data-driven marketing teams. Breinify’s AI solution enables enterprise marketers to deliver predictive personalization in real-time and build more meaningful customer experiences. The platform blends traditional machine learning with temporal AI to predict a consumer’s future interests, needs, and behaviors. Customers such as BevMo!, Duraflame, Nike, and Petsmart experienced astronomical ROI, including millions in new revenue and significant increases in CRM growth. For more information, please visit:

; Telephone: 978-473-1362

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