Calamu Raises $2.4 Million Seed to Pioneer Auto-Healing Data Protection; Launches Advisory Board and Expands Board of Directors

CLINTON, N.J., and SAN JOSE, Calif., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Calamu, a data protection and resiliency trailblazer, today announced it has emerged from stealth after closing $2.4 million in an oversubscribed seed round. The company was founded by Paul Lewis, a successful entrepreneur with multiple exits to the Fortune 500, to create the world’s first safe data harbor – a virtual environment for businesses to place their data without worrying about ransomware or data breaches, or having any of the ill effects commonly experienced with a cyber attack such as downtime or reputational damage.

Joining the Board of Directors as investors in the round are Lou Ryan, a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur and former CEO & Chairman of Edgewave, and John N. Stewart, former SVP, Chief Security & Trust Officer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The impressive list of Advisors includes Robin Matlock, former CMO of VMware, David Schneider, former President of ServiceNow and previously of EmC, David K. Holland, former SVP & Treasurer of Cisco Systems and previously of Apple, and Marla Crawford, General Counsel of Compliance and previously of Goldman Sachs.

“Data breaches and cyber attacks such as ransomware have become an existential threat to every type of organization,” says Lou Ryan, former CEO & Chairman of Edgewave. “Calamu offers unparalleled protection by offering businesses complete control over who has access, and making it possible to automatically self-heal from a data breach. This is a level of resilience previously unseen in the cybersecurity landscape.”

With more businesses migrating to the cloud in the midst of a global uptick in remote workers, the overall cyber attack surface is rapidly widening. Businesses find themselves evaluating the benefits of public cloud storage against the risk of third parties accessing sensitive data, made even more complicated by the need to comply with various data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Calamu solves these problems with one platform, by using a multi-patented process to remove data from vulnerable locations, and then scattering encrypted data fragments across multiple cloud or on-premises storage locations. This innovative process creates the world’s first safe data harbor, a virtual environment that is largely immune to the effects of a data breach and capable of automatically self-healing from a ransomware attack. A data harbor doesn’t store complete file information anywhere, ensuring hackers or unauthorized parties are incapable of accessing any intelligible information. Only the rightful owner is capable of reassembling the data into a usable format, and never a third party, even if under subpoena.

Calamu enables businesses to realize the full potential of public cloud storage without the risks of a cyber attack such as downtime, lost data, bad press or costly financial exposure. Additionally, the Calamu platform simplifies compliance with various data privacy regulations, protecting organizations from hefty fines.

“Our world runs on data, and data resilience and protection comes hand in hand,” says John N. Stewart, former SVP, Chief Security & Trust Officer at Cisco Systems. “Organizations are looking for far more effective answers to protect their digital assets and ensure business continuity; Calamu offers a highly unique, innovative solution to both.”

The Calamu platform is designed for flexible implementation and enterprise scalability, and can be configured using existing on-premises infrastructure or any number of major cloud storage providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. The technology is designed for performance and portability, so that data is protected regardless of the storage locations or providers used.

“Following rapid growth in research and development and the successful beta release of our technology, we’re excited to emerge from stealth and champion the use of auto-healing data protection,” says Calamu Founder and CEO, Paul Lewis. “Our vision is one where no business fears their data will be leveraged against them. Businesses should always be able to control who can access their data, even if using a public cloud environment. With Calamu, that vision is now possible.”

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Calamu was founded by experts in cyber security and data privacy with the mission of making the cyber world a safer place. The company is pioneering the use of auto-healing technology to eliminate the risk of data breaches and ransomware attacks. The Calamu platform enables businesses to maintain complete ownership of their data, preventing unauthorized access and dramatically simplifying regulatory requirements around data privacy and protection. To learn more, visit

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