Cangrade Unveils Breakthrough Patent for Effortless Talent Pool Creation

Cangrade’s latest patent maximizes recruiting and sourcing efforts, improving HR efficiency

WATERTOWN, Mass., Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cangrade, a leading AI-based predictor of job candidate success and retention, is proud to announce its groundbreaking patent 11734566 which predicts a job candidate’s fit for multiple positions using one assessment. This innovative technology redefines the way organizations source talent, allowing companies to leverage Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment to effortlessly boost recruiting and sourcing efficiency, enhance the candidate’s experience, and build talent pools and internal mobility.

HR has weathered a chaotic few years, ping-ponging between an employer’s market and a candidate’s market while adjusting to new expectations from candidates and employees as the world of work evolves. Cangrade’s new patent 11734566 eases these ongoing transitions for HR teams by:

  • Building internal and external talent pipelines regardless of the job market by predicting candidate fit for all open positions rather than just the one to which they applied
  • Maximizing sourcing efforts by avoiding the siloing of candidates into solely the role to which they applied
  • Delivering a positive candidate experience by finding the best fit for applicants and maximizing their opportunities
  • Enhancing internal mobility for employees by identifying lateral moves and promotions

“As HR evolves and embraces digital transformation, Cangrade’s patent comes at a pivotal moment, offering a powerful tool to help organizations stay competitive and agile in their talent acquisition efforts,” shared Cangrade’s Founder and CEO, Gershon Goren. “This is a significant paradigm change that comes at the time of a major job market realignment. Instead of just matching candidates to a job, now organizations can also match jobs to candidates, and do it in the way that maximizes employee performance metrics as well as their job engagement and retention.”

Organizations can utilize this patented process with Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment. On completion of Cangrade’s assessment, the technology scores candidates’ responses on multiple predictive models custom-created for an organization’s open positions. It then delivers a fit score predicting candidates’ likelihood of success and retention for all jobs, allowing candidates and employees to complete just one assessment to be assessed and considered for multiple roles.

Cangrade’s patent is broad, enabling the company to implement this process beyond human resources and talent selection, and is added to Cangrade’s patent 11429859 for its revolutionary process for mitigating and removing bias from artificial intelligence.

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Cangrade’s is a leading bias-free, AI-based hiring solution enabling HR leaders to be strategic business partners that drive results. By seamlessly integrating data into talent management processes, Cangrade helps HR make accurate, efficient talent decisions from initial screening through promotions. Backed by I/O psychology and cutting-edge machine learning, Cangrade’s solutions deliver 10x more accurate predictions of talent success and retention than traditional hiring methods and a 0% chance of introducing bias. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment has helped brands like Wayfair, FDNY, and Unum make the right talent decisions on over 8 million candidates. For more information, visit

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