CaptionSentry: An In-Depth Look into the Premier Real-Time Automated Captioning Solution from the National Captioning Institute

CHANTILLY, Va., April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The National Captioning Institute (NCI) is thrilled to announce a 30-minute free webinar exploring the benefits of CaptionSentry, NCI’s proprietary Automated Captioning Solution. CaptionSentry is the premier Real-time ASR captioning service for English and Spanish programming that blends innovative artificial intelligence (AI) with NCI’s unparalleled human expertise.  

Join us Thursday April 22, 2021 11:00 PST/14:00 EST for “CaptionSentry: An In-Depth Look into the Premier Real-Time Automated Captioning Solution from NCI.” In addition to a live demonstration of the service, the webinar will focus on Verbatim vs ASR comparisons with authentic examples, discussion on features that elevate CaptionSentry above competitors, use case by type of program, and a brief look into NCI’s four decades of excellence in accessibility. The interactive meeting will be led by NCI’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Lydy Pinzon-Dadley, and Director of Steno and Real-time Relations, Darlene Parker, a team with 53 years combined experience in closed captioning. 

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Why NCI’s CaptionSentry for Automated Captions? 
CaptionSentry utilizes state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology to transform real-time audio into nearly verbatim closed captions with unrivaled accuracy. CaptionSentry also offers versatility; whether clients want to be hands-on and in control of activating the ASR or they prefer to have it managed off-site, NCI allows the client to select the option most complementary to their workflow.  

With accuracy rates typically ranging from 94% to 98%, CaptionSentry is the best ASR product on the market. To determine verbatim accuracy, NCI uses a proprietary program that compares a verbatim transcript against the ASR-generated captions. Latency can be as low as two seconds if an NCIStream device is placed onsite. If the client prefers not to have a device onsite, latency is only three to four seconds. 

CaptionSentry is well-suited for TV/cable stations, government entities, corporations, universities, and other educational institutions looking for the affordable convenience of ASR and the peace of mind that a reserve of highly trained human captioners are also available if/as needed.

About NCI: The National Captioning Institute pioneered live closed captioning for television in 1982 and now captions thousands of hours of programming each year. With a highly skilled captioning staff and state-of-the-art facilities, NCI supplies world-class captioning, subtitling and translation, and Audio Description services for TV broadcasting, Internet, Video On Demand, and educational and government institutions. Learn more at  

Lydy Pinzón-Dadley

SOURCE National Captioning Institute, Inc.

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