CIQ Provides Commercial Enterprise Services for Apptainer

ALBANY, Calif., Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The open-source Singularity project, the dominant container solution for HPC, recently announced that it has moved into the Linux Foundation and will be renamed to Apptainer. This change for the project is to better cross-pollinate the HPC community with enterprise and cloud. In addition, CIQ offers professional services, support, and integration solutions for Apptainer.

Gregory Kurtzer, the founder of the Singularity project and CEO of CIQ states, "We are so excited to guarantee to the community that the Singularity project, now Apptainer, will have a long and stable life outside of the control of a single company, and will help bridge the gap between HPC, cloud, and enterprise. And CIQ is here if you need help!"

Support and services offered by CIQ will include transitioning from Singularity to Apptainer, trusted packaging, support, security, compliance, and integration with enterprise and cloud services such as container registries, PKI, CI/CD build infrastructure, etc. CIQ also offers similar capabilities to the rest of the computing stack, including Rocky Linux and Warewulf provisioning and cluster management.

Moving Singularity into the Linux Foundation, alongside the CNCF, OCI, and OpenHPC is a significant milestone for the community and will help the project continue growing and innovating. Apptainer’s unique container features are becoming more popular for HPC environments, AI, ML, pharmaceutical, and analytics at scale where immutability, security, and reproducibility is needed. CIQ recognizes the importance of having a reliable future-looking partner when it comes to supporting computationally focused containerization; we got your back.

Apptainer Support Services (Three Pillars)

  • Community: Constantly striving to improve the Apptainer Community by listening, partnering, helping create tools and solutions, and working closely with enterprise and cloud-focused projects and communities.
  • Commercial: Creating enterprise-class solutions at scale to empower large industries, solving problems, reducing costs, and saving time.
  • Intelligent Support: Deep-level assistance from the founders and developers of much of the most innovative and supportive software solutions in HPC (Singularity/Apptainer, Warewulf, and Rocky Linux).

"Our goal with CIQ isn’t just to support open-source software like Apptainer; we want to provide and develop tools and resources that drive innovation and usability to help simplify and grow performance computing for everyone. CIQ will continue to focus on education with our webinars and online tutorials as well as a robust knowledge base for every piece of the computing stack," states Robert Adolph, CPO of CIQ. "Supporting the Apptainer community with our software engineers and developers that have deep knowledge from provisioning and clustering to operating systems, containers, and orchestration paving the way for many projects in edge computing, cloud, and the next generation of HPC (HPC-2.0) is just the start with CIQ."

To learn more about the new CIQ Commercial Support for Apptainer, or CIQ’s other software solutions, visit the CIQ.CO website or schedule a consultation.

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