Collective Liberty Announces the Launch of the Human Trafficking Fusion Center

DALLAS, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Human Trafficking Fusion Center™ launches today, inviting registration for its next cohort of users in the fight against human trafficking. The Fusion Center analyzes millions of curated data-points to identify traffickers, and connected thousands of officers and police departments to this data and one another to improve efficacy and case strength. Using machine learning Collective Liberty’s systems find connections among people and places, building rough sketches of criminal networks involved in trafficking. This is then combined with access to leaders in the field throughout the United States and to best practices on topics ranging from supporting victims in the aftermath of an operation to recommended charges for successful prosecution of traffickers.

“Building this tool by and for the people who need to use it, we have spent the past two years testing various aspects of the web-portal and technical tools with various stakeholders across the nation. We are so excited to launch the full version and start scaling access,” said Rochelle Keyhan, Founder and CEO of Collective Liberty and the Fusion Center.

Hear what our partners have to say:

“The information from Collective Liberty has been accurate, precise, and is provided in real-time, assisting with locating possible traffickers and high-frequency buyers and repeat offenders.”
–Detective Donald Lohman, Central Texas Sheriff’s Department

Infusing data and fostering collaboration to tackle human trafficking is what Collective Liberty is working to solve. There are passionate actors across the United States doing heroic work on the ground to make it harder for human traffickers to operate. When the cases cross jurisdictional lines, bureaucracy can be a barrier to collaboration. And when these dedicated actors develop new investigative methods, how do they share these innovations with other agencies so that they can learn from each other?

To date, our team of experts has trained and connected over 7,000 investigators across the United States, our technology and data have supported hundreds of trafficking investigations, and assisted with the closure of over 1,000 trafficking venues. “We are excited to invite our next wave of law enforcement investigators into the community as we continue to scale that reach and impact,” said Keyhan.

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