Color Intelligence Releases Colourlab Ai 2.0 with New Groundbreaking Features

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Last year Hollywood-based Color Intelligence garnered significant attention in the filmmaking community when it released Colourlab Ai v1.0. Never before had Ai been used so effectively to radically improve the professional color grading process.

Today the company is releasing the public beta of version 2.0 with major new features and an entirely new user interface created with the goal of making the color grading process faster, easier and more accessible for all content creators. In addition to the existing deep integration with DaVinci Resolve™, Colourlab Ai v2.0 adds support for both Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro.

There are also new subscription pricing options including Colourlab Ai Pro and the more affordable Colourlab Ai Creator.

Dado Valentic | Founder/CEO | Color Intelligence: "Our mission has always been to make the color grading process more creative and accessible for everyone. Legacy color grading tools are complex — requiring significant experience and skill to get Hollywood-quality results. Artificial Intelligence enables creators to spend more time on the creative aspects of their craft. With this v2.0 release, we have focussed on making an app that empowers creators — regardless of their level of experience with color."

In addition to the new key features, there are many general improvements including optimizations to the Cinematic Neural Engine and color matching functionality as well as overall speed and performance improvements building on capabilities of Apple’s M1X processor.

Tune in on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 2:22 PM EST for the livestream with Dado Valentic demonstrating Colourlab Ai v2.0  – HERE

New Key Features

      –           Timeline Intelligence™
Dynamically sort shots based on their similar image characteristics using revolutionary Ai-based analysis from the Cinematic Neural Engine. This enables creators to work exponentially faster by "auto-sorting" shots together that require the same color grade.

      –           Adobe Premiere & Apple Final Cut Pro Integration
Seamlessly round trip timelines directly from Apple and Adobe professional editing systems. Users can now non-destructively color grade with even while they are still editing. Combined with traditional controls like Printer Lights and Lift Gamma Gain, Premiere and Final Cut Pro users can now benefit from a full color-managed pipeline.

      –           Ai Powered Auto Color
Leverage the Ai-based image analysis of Colourlab Ai’s cinematic neural network to facilitate a "one-click" color adjustment with consistent and superior results across your entire project. This feature can reduce the work of a dailies colorist to a single click and save countless hours on projects with extreme shooting ratios like reality-based content.

      –           Color Tune
This unique and intuitive toolset that presents users with visual grading options will enable users to more quickly fine-tune color. Color adjustments are simple, fast and easy.

      –           Show Look Library
Colourlab Ai 2 ships with a new Show Look Library. Show Looks combine 3D LUTs with the parametric meta-data of Color Intelligence’s Look Designer technology, allowing you to easily modify and create variations and leverage the film stock emulations included in Look Designer. You can also import any 3D LUTs and it will be converted into a Show Look that can be further edited in Look Designer.

      –           Smart LUTs
What if a color "preset" or "filter" was intelligent? What if it was parametric and could be adjusted and changed? What if it was content aware? Colourlab Ai 2 introduces Smart LUTs. Beyond a 3D LUT, Smart LUTs contain parametric values that can be adjusted in Look Designer and they also contain a unique content fingerprint created from reference frames for use with Colourlab Ai’s cinematic neural network. Colourlab Ai 2 comes preloaded with a selection of stunning Smart LUTs to get users started. Users can also use Look Designer to modify these Smart LUTs in Look Designer and can even create a Smart LUT from any still image reference.

      –           Improved Camera Matching
Instantly color match shots from different cameras in a full color-managed pipeline. When working with multi-cam projects, Colourlab Ai’s built-in camera profiles combined with it’s AI-based Color Matching will save hours of manual image tweaking.

Pricing and Availability
With the Version 2.0 release, Colourlab Ai is now offered at two subscription levels.

Colourlab Creator
               –     Includes full Ai functionality
               –     Subscription for $129/year

Colourlab Pro
               –     Includes Look Designer, Tangent device control, SDI video output, and DaVinci Resolve™ integration. 
               –     Subscription for $39/month, $99/quarter, $299/year or $599 for a Perpetual license.

Both versions come with a fully functional 7-day trial. Currently available only for macOS and fully optimized for Mac computers with Apple silicon. Windows version coming later this year.

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Mark L. Pederson

About Color Intelligence

Color Intelligence creates revolutionary tools that leverage Artificial Intelligence to improve color grading, image processing and workflows for content creators and filmmakers. The company provides industry proven technologies – Colourlab, Look Designer and Grainlab software. These solutions have been deployed in the production of many television blockbuster franchises like Game of Thrones, Exodus, Marco Polo, and Jack Ryan as well as the popular rom-com movie Crazy Rich Asians.

Headquartered in Hollywood, California, Color Intelligence, Inc.Has created unique Ai-based technologies that are the culmination of years of research into human color perception, focusing on the impact that color has on our mind and emotions. The company is dedicated to transforming the tools and workflows used by all content creators and motion picture professionals.

The company’s founders, Dado Valentic, Mark L. Pederson and Steve Bayes have over 80 years combined experience in professional motion picture post production and technology. Prominent clients include Activision Blizzard, Axis Studios, CBC, Comedy Central, Disney, Electronic Arts, Inc., HBO, Moving Picture Company, Netflix, NBC Universal, Warner Bros., Inc., Univision, YouTube, and many more.

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