Computer Vision is Changing Residential Property Management

SAN FRANCISCO, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†, a Video Analytics Company, and Uptimo, a Real Estate Management Company, announced today a collaboration agreement to bring AI solutions into property management. Property management is an essential service facilitating the balance in the rental housing market. The goal of this collaboration is to increase operating income, by reducing costs, and by increasing tenant’s satisfaction through enhanced experiences. This collaboration will assess different use cases, such as snow detection outside entrances to ensure tenant safety and the use of occupancy mapping to optimize cleaning and maintenance.

Property management is a legacy business. Speaking to property owners and operators made us realize that ROI is the determining factor for them to consider technology adoption. So, to introduce new technology to property management, the solution must be priced according to the value it brings. Through this collaboration, we are hoping to develop a strong benchmark for the use of ROI positive AI technologies in this old-school industry,” said Reza Khosravi, CEO and Co-Founder of

“Real estate is still the largest portion of wealth in North America. Years of the low-interest-rate environment have made real estate an attractive investment asset both for institutional and retail investors. Meanwhile, the role of property management is becoming more important in optimizing yield on investments while improving the experience of the tenants. At Uptimo, as the name says, we add value through optimization and we believe we can accelerate this process through this partnership. AI empowers us to gain new insight and fuel new business ideas at a reduced cost,” said Marc Antoine Vezina, CEO of Uptimo.

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Uptimo is a real estate management company based in Sherbrooke, QC that optimizes the yields of income properties by offering quality management. Uptimo’s goal is to increase the value of properties under management. The strength of the company is its multidisciplinary, competent, and passionate team which allows it to offer a variety of services in the real estate industry. Visit

About is a video analytics company based in San Francisco, California that relies on existing cameras to provide insights regarding occupancy, safety, and more. The company is dedicating to adding value while ensuring data security and occupant privacy.’s suite of solutions is essential in any organization that hosts people. Visit

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