Concept3D Introduces New 360° Map, Bringing True 3D Navigation to Interactive Maps

DENVER, May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Concept3D, a leader in creating immersive online experiences with 3D modeling, interactive maps and virtual tour software, today announces the launch of its latest product, 360° Map, which takes interactive mapping to the next level by creating true 3D models for significantly enhanced wayfinding, appearance and functionality.

A major advancement from traditional 3D rendered maps which only allow the user to view a building or location from a single, fixed perspective, the structures, grounds, and even the trees in Concept3D’s new 360° Map can be viewed from North, South, East and West, providing a realistic experience unlike any mapping system available.  

Because of the precision used in developing the 3D models, 360° Map is extremely accurate, with pinpoint visuals creating a visually precise point-to-point wayfinding experience that now easily guides users around the 3D models to their destination. The new system is compatible with many of Concept3D’s other advanced features, including directions, sharing, wayfinding, rendered interiors, virtual map tours, and pop-ups.

Concept3D launches 360° Map in collaboration with Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Hawaii Convention Center, and Baldwin Wallace University, demonstrating the potential of the new software for sporting arenas, major event and conference centers, higher education, and tourism.

Since 2006, Concept3D has been an innovator in developing interactive mapping and virtual tour software, and powers the interactive maps and tours of major theme parks, conference and event locations, hotels and hospitality, higher education institutions, and businesses. 360° Map is the latest innovation from the company, giving its clients a whole new tool to help their audiences explore, wayfind, and get the information they need.

“360° Map was years in development and is a major advancement in online mapping with unmatched accuracy, stunning 3D models that can be viewed from any angle, and the ability to spin, tilt and rotate,” said Gordon Boyes, CEO, Concept3D. “People light up when they experience the ability to fly around meticulously modeled 3D buildings and grounds, and it creates a lasting impression that we know will help our clients market their locations, as well as significantly improving wayfinding because now you can see all sides of a structure or location. We’ve seen the early potential in working closely with Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Hawaii Convention Center and Baldwin Wallace University, each with different goals and needs that 360° Map addresses.”

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400, spans more than 550 acres.

“Capturing the epic scale of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway can be a challenge but with 360° Maps, our visitors can dive right in and explore the world’s largest sporting venue,” said Brad Lee, Director of Business Solutions, Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Located in the heart of metropolitan Honolulu, the 1.1 million square foot Hawaii Convention Center – which uses the Concept3D interactive mapping platform for both exterior and interior mapping – has added the new 360° Map system to further enhance the online experience.

“The 360° Map shows our building from every angle, giving our clients and their attendees an unparalleled digital view,” said Teri Orton, General Manager, Hawaii Convention Center.

Concept3D has been supporting the needs of higher education institutions for decades, and its 3D interactive map and virtual tour software are the choice of thousands of different universities, colleges and schools in North America and across the globe to support marketing, wayfinding, parking and transportation, and helping people navigate and explore campuses. Baldwin Wallace University selected Concept3D’s 360° Map software to provide students and parents with an in-depth way to explore its campus online.

Explore 360° Maps:
Indianapolis Motor Speedway:!
Hawaii Convention Center:!ct/0 
Baldwin Wallace:!ct/ 

The new 360° Map functionality is built atop Concept3D’s proven mapping software and can be added to any Concept3D map, or an entirely new interactive map built around it. Using Concept3D’s content management system (CMS), images and information can be assigned to buildings and locations, which are highlighted when a map user clicks on that location. Additionally, categories can easily be created so map users can quickly find what they are looking for, from parking to concessions, classrooms and special event information.

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About Concept3D:
Founded in 2006, Concept3D is a leader in creating immersive online experiences with 3D modeling, interactive maps and VR enabled virtual tour software. Concept3D software brings any physical location into an intuitive and navigable digital format, providing clients with a powerful competitive edge through applications like data visualization, wayfinding, virtual reality, and real time data feed integration. Concept3D clients include convention centers and event spaces, data centers, healthcare and retirement facilities, large commercial sites, resorts, hotels and theme parks, and universities and colleges, among many other locations. Learn more at

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