Core Solutions Launches AI to Identify Health-Related Social Needs

New artificial intelligence SDOH Tracking solution assesses datasets to find social determinants of health issues

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Core Solutions, Inc., (Core) is pleased to announce the launch of Core Clinician Assist: SDOH Tracking, the latest addition to Core’s innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The SDOH Tracking tool uses AI to assess large datasets, identify issues concerning SDOH (i.e., health-related social needs (HRSN)), and make the actionable information readily available to care management teams and clinicians at the point of care.

Research shows that upwards of 80% of the factors affecting a person’s health are SDOH. Core’s new AI tracking tool expedites the identification of SDOH issues, enabling providers to achieve proactive interventions. Such interventions can improve adherence with treatment plans and decrease emergency room visits, hospitalizations and readmissions, and other avoidable medical services. SDOH Tracking also enables users to easily perform ongoing monitoring of social needs issues and assessment of indicators across time and providers.

SDOH Tracking is designed for providers focused on value- and measurement-based payment arrangements, like health plans, population health management organizations, health information exchanges, integrated delivery systems, and primary care providers. It uses natural language processing (NLP) tools that data mine the notes of providers and other caregivers across the healthcare ecosystem.

“A single SDOH challenge can negatively influence health outcomes in a very significant way,” says Core Senior Vice President of Strategy Michael Lardieri, LCSW. “SDOH Tracking empowers care management teams and clinicians to more efficiently and effectively learn about social needs challenges, engage with individuals struggling with these barriers, and take targeted actions that can reduce risk, improve outcomes, and decrease unnecessary healthcare utilization and costs. Given its usefulness, adopters of SDOH Tracking achieve a significant return on investment, making the addition of the AI solution even more worthwhile.”

The developers of SDOH Tracking emulated and incorporated solutions, data, and standards from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Accountable Health Communities HRSN Screening Tool and other SDOH indicators to create a highly accurate tool. The power of SDOH Tracking can be added to any electronic health record (EHR) or care management platform via an easy-to-implement application programming interface (API).

“We recognize the outsized impact social determinants have on health and the challenges providers face in recognizing these HRSN given the high-volume, fast-paced nature of healthcare,” says Lardieri. “SDOH Tracking eases this burden by finding and delivering time-sensitive intelligence on social needs that support better preventive efforts and improved coordination of care.”

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SDOH Tracking also comes embedded in the Cx360 EHR, providing users of Core’s complete behavioral health EHR with another tool to strengthen performance across the ecosystem of care.

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