Corsair M360 Unveils MaestroM360™ Platform

API Management Platform focused on solving the common challenges faced in the development of complex applications

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Corsair M360, a full-service API management technology company today announces the introduction of its MaestroM360™ platform, a lightweight, portable, multi-tenant platform designed to support companies ranging from startups to large enterprise organizations in their application development and integration journey.

Uniquely capable of being hosted on any cloud, using any technology, and working in any environment, the MaestroM360 platform is composed of three full-featured modules that work seamlessly together out-of-the-box to offer app developers and engineers the best possible experience to build, rapidly deploy, and manage complex web applications. MaestroM360’s integrated modules are an API Gateway, Middleware, and a Console.

API Gateway: The API Gateway is multi-faceted in supporting app developers. It removes the need to create numerous layers of code typically needed to publish an application. It solves the challenges of connecting APIs with components. It enables microservices to be connected and deployed behind the firewall and protects deployed microservices with several configurable security layers; and it standardizes communications between microservices, regardless of their technologies. 

Middleware: MaetroM360’s Middleware is the open-source, multi-tenancy component of the platform. Available for every web programming language, the middleware allows MaetroM360 to integrate with any product regardless of the technology used. It interprets the information the API Gateway injects into incoming requests and sends it to the business logic in the API. The Middleware eliminates the need for developers to create static and hard-coded configurations such as database connections, mail and session settings, CORS, and more.

Console: The Console serves as the control panel from which developers can manage and operate the MaestroM360 platform. The Console includes a variety of wizards that enable developers to create multiple environments, connect resources from different technologies, connect hosting platforms from various cloud providers, and deploy components.

The MaestroM360 platform is available in two models, a SaaS and Enterprise model. The SaaS model is well suited for startups and Small-to-Medium sized Businesses (SMBs); the Enterprise model is suited for large organizations building high-traffic products deployed on hybrid infrastructures.

According to Co-Founders, Rick Valdez, Keith Bacon, and Mike Hajj, the company is excited to be bringing app developers an easy-to-use platform that requires no learning curve or expert knowledge to create high-performance applications that meet the rapidly changing needs of many industries including government, non-profit, smart cities, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. The company’s goal is to make the MaestroM360 platform the de facto standard for app development and integration in the rapidly growing API management marketplace.

To learn more about Corsair M360 or the MaestroM360 solution, please visit CorsairM360

About Corsair M360:

Corsair M360, Inc. is an API Management technology company that offers services that include application design, infrastructure, and hosting platform blueprints, and coaching on the best strategies for application developers to follow. The company’s lightweight portable multi-tenant API management platform, MaestroM360 focuses on solving the common challenges that all complex applications create, not only a specific type of application. The MaestroM360 platform can be hosted on any cloud, using any technology in any environment, and requires little to no skill to develop and deploy.

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