Crypto Arbitrage Platform CAT Generates More Than 60MM Dollars in Profit

A cutting-edge crypto arbitrage platform achieves about 300% monthly yield for their clients

LONDON, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Is this the new competitor to the goliaths of the financial world? Crypto arbitrage is a market where high speed and precision dictate whether you make billions, or lose it all. Previously only achievable by monopolist funds like Blackrock and Goldman Sachs, CAT is bringing this opportunity to the masses.

CAT (Crypto Arbitrage Team), the innovative crypto-optimised trading platform, has released a financial report showing how the team of anonymous traders generated more than $60MM yield for retail clients.

This September, CAT generated the highest earnings in the shortest possible time – $60MM, using modified arbitrage bundles and trading strategies. The team has proven that maths algorithms help deliver value to the investors and the crypto community.

The CAT Team has successfully tested a number of key mathematical algorithms, discovering the pros and cons of some math-based crypto trading methods. The developers successfully applied these approaches to generate the yield.

The company used Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machine, K-Nearest Neighbours, Decision Tree, Random Forest, and Gradient boosting to test the main patterns of crypto trading. The CAT Core Team has also logged that Elliot Wave Theory and Christian Păuna algorithms have proven to be highly effective in crypto trading.

According to Harry Burton, the CEO of CAT: “When comparing the S&P 500, which fell more than 9.3% in September, to Bitcoin, one of the main influencers of the crypto market and the crypto market in general, has only seen a 1% decline from its September high. While this may seem like a bitter positive to throw in amid the crisis – the crypto arbitrage market has only seen positive and rapid growth.”

It is apparent that high volatility in the crypto market means that there are more crypto arbitrage opportunities. This has allowed the CAT Team to diversify their trades in the short term and get the profits reaching as high as 18.75% per trade. Considering the volumes at which the CAT Team make their trades, this results in massive gains for them and their CAT Community.

The company is expanding its team and services provided to investors. The tier-2 countries are now the main focus for the trading strategy of the company, as CAT claimed in the released financial report: “the tier-2 market is a golden mile for the crypto arbitrage industry”.

Harry Burton, CEO of CAT, also adds: “We believe in achieving success in the countries such as India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and China, i.e., and aim to attract more than 5 billion dollars per 3 years.”

About CAT

CAT (Crypto Arbitrage Team) is a first-of-its-kind, innovative platform of the largest crypto arbitrage team in the BRICS regions that allows its users to build their wealth with crypto arbitrage.

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