CryptoCookies: Cooking up a Totally New Way of Trading Options on the Blockchain

ANTIGUA, Antigua and Barbuda, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CryptoCookies believes everybody should have access to the same financial products. Unfortunately, until now, the opportunity to turn market volatility into yield has often only been available to high-net-worth individuals and experienced traders; CryptoCookies is on a mission to change that with the help of the blockchain.

Options are a critical part of the global derivatives market due to the appeal of high returns, tremendous leveraging power, and hedging potential. Additionally, they can help investors express more specific views on the market and even profit from things not happening when levels are not being reached or if market volatility is low. A risk-bounded alternative to being long or short is also desirable in bear markets such as this.

Yet, despite their appeal, options are often shrouded in complexity. Fussy, counter-intuitive trading platforms offer little explanation to users, making them inaccessible and intimidating. CryptoCookies aims to demystify options and engage experienced and new investors in the exciting world of crypto. Join Elbe, Nasus, Kaje and Evad and use their experiences to guide you on your structured product journey. Stay tuned for upcoming products CryptoCookies will be bringing to you soon.

About CryptoCookies

CryptoCookies is a blockchain trading platform allowing you to trade options in a fun and engaging way, without the hassle. With a bit of help from the residents of the Cookie Cosmos, users choose their Cookie (how far from the market they want to be), the market direction, and if they believe it will get there (or if it won’t at all!) within their chosen timeframe. CryptoCookies will map it to the right option and leave the transaction up to the blockchain. No money is held, and the system is fully collateralized with users trading directly from the wallet app.

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