CrytpoSignatures Launches The First Collection of NFT Signatures on The Ethereum Blockchain

LOS ANGELES, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — has released the first and only collection of 1 of 1 world-famous signatures on the Ethereum blockchain through the NFT marketplace

The NFT collection includes digital representations of signatures from legendary athletes, musical geniuses, tech titans, and the world’s most famous and influential people.  Only one CryptoSignature per person will ever be released and minted to the blockchain.

For thousands of years, a signature was how a person verified something was original.  Unfortunately, due to technological advances, signatures have become easy to copy and forge.  With CryptoSignatures, a signature can once again become original, unique, and valuable because they are the first signatures on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain which anyone in the world can view and use to verify their authenticity.  Being on the blockchain acts as a digital notary which certifies it is the original and first version in perpetuity.  Imagine if a world-famous celebrity only signed their name once?  That is what CryptoSignatures are, the NFT equivalent of the first and only version of a world-famous signature.

As the collection grows in popularity, there will be hundreds of copies on various NFT exchanges.  But CryptoSignature clones will only drive more attention to CryptoSignatures’ position as first on the blockchain.  All the copies that come later will just be copies.  There will only be one official CryptoSignature for each person listed.

CryptoSignatures NFTs are the future of Signatures.  See the first, limited, and exclusive collection here:

or search the index of CryptoSignatures:

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