Dachman Audio Announces DA 87SE Vintage Condenser Microphone

Features an all-new K87-style capsule, custom output transformer, and a spot-on reproduction of the original, vintage circuit — boutique-quality sound at just $399.

NEW YORK, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dachman Audio, a professional microphone company specializing in vintage microphone reproductions, today announced the DA 87SE — an 87-style condenser microphone that delivers the sound of the most famous studio microphone of all time. The DA 87SE features a classic cream-colored body, a K87-style replica mic capsule, a custom output transformer, and a faithful recreation of the vintage circuit for authentic, legendary sound.

“At Dachman Audio, we’re passionate about bringing the timeless sound of vintage microphones to everyone without breaking the bank,” said Joshua Sularski, Founder and CEO. “Whether you’re a professional engineer, producer, musician, or home recording enthusiast, the DA 87SE is the perfect choice if you want an affordable way to capture your performances with the signature sound found in recording studios around the world.”

True K87-style capsule

At the heart of the DA 87SE is the DA-K87SE, a true K87-style condenser mic capsule that delivers the sound of the most famous German microphone in recording history. The K87SE capsule features precision-drilled brass backplates and gold-sputtered mylar for an authentic vintage tone that captures warm lows and silky smooth highs.

Sounds like the real deal

The all-new DA 87SE uses the same Dachman-engineered 87-style circuit as the renowned DA 87i, without the additional switches for various polar patterns, low-cut, and 10dB pad. Like the DA 87i, the DA 87SE uses high-quality materials throughout, including Panasonic FC electrolytics, WIMA capacitors, polystyrene capacitors, a genuine 2N3819 JFET, and tight-tolerance resistors.

Based on the ’87 schematic from 1979, the Dachman team designed the DA 87SE circuit with one goal in mind — to give engineers and musicians a way to capture performances with the legendary tone of history’s most-used studio microphone.

Custom output transformer

The all-new custom-wound DA-BV13 output transformer was specifically developed for the DA 87i and DA 87SE circuits. With a high nickel core and 9.5:1 winding, the DA-BV13 delivers exceptional bandwidth and low phase shift — a perfect match for the DA 87SE.

Pricing and Availability

  • DA 87SE is now available for $399 (US) with free worldwide shipping at dachmanaudio.com
  • Customers can also order DA 87SE from Amazon, Reverb, and eBay.

About Dachman Audio

At Dachman Audio, we’re passionate about bringing the classic sound of vintage microphones to everyone. We specialize in creating high-quality reproductions of some of the most iconic microphones of the past, allowing musicians, producers, and audio professionals to capture that timeless sound with the benefits of modern technology and improved reliability. Our microphones are painstakingly designed with attention to detail and the highest quality components, resulting in an authentic vintage sound.

For more information on Dachman Audio, visit www.dachmanaudio.com

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