Denton Vacuum Announces Third Order for Infinity FA Ion Beam Etch Delayering System

MOORESTOWN, N.J., Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Denton Vacuum LLC announced today that they have won a third order for the Infinity FA failure analysis system from a leading global semiconductor memory device manufacturer. The Infinity FA is an ion beam etch chip delayering system for semiconductor failure analysis and quality assurance. This third system will be placed at a second manufacturing location as the process and technology has been validated in their R&D center.

Frank Cumbo, President and CEO of Denton Vacuum, commented, “This third system order shows our customer is realizing the benefit of pushing higher capability FA techniques out of the lab and into the fab. This is enabling faster defect identification and next generation device optimization. The low ion energy is particularly important for advanced chips based on 7nm or less processes. High ion energies like those in focused ion beam and other ion beam technologies will damage the features of interest, preventing proper failure analysis.”

Dr. David Douglass, Senior Product Manager at Denton Vacuum, added, “Denton’s low ion energy, broad beam etch capability uniquely enables large area, rapid processing of semiconductor devices. Traditionally, this is a very slow, iterative process requiring highly skilled operators and multiple delayering techniques. The Infinity FA is able to rapidly etch highly uniform, planar, large areas of interest. The integrated Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS) enables precision end pointing at each layer.”

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